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Best Blender For Frozen Drinks

Best Blender for Frozen Drinks in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Want to enjoy a restaurant-style frozen drink from the comfort of your home? Investing in a blender for frozen drinks is one way to do so.

Using a premium blender, you can make all your favorite drinks, whether a smoothie during a hot afternoon or margaritas on the weekends with friends.

A blender designed for frozen drinks has strong blades and a fast working motor to handle the toughest ingredients. These blenders can crush ice into a fine texture.

Thus, you can use anything from actual ice to frozen ingredients like fruits to make your favorite drinks. So, to make the warmer seasons more fun, we’ve shared our top picks for making all kinds of drinks when you want. So let’s open the box!

01. Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender

The Vitamix 5200 professional Blender packs powerful features to make it an excellent commercial-grade blender.

The blender delivers powerful performance and long-lasting durability by featuring a laser-cut, hardened stainless steel blade construction.

Its special blades and motor design reach high speeds to create friction heat that steams cold ingredients in six minutes.

On the other hand, its variable speed control allows you to prepare a wide selection of drinks and achieve the texture you want. Above the variable speed control dial, you will find the pulse button.

Using the pulse button, you can blend ingredients to create chunky sauces and thick soups.  Furthermore, the professional blender has a large tank capacity of up to 64 ounces.

This size makes it ideal for making medium to large batches of drinks. However, not only the blade performance and jar capacity make the blender great for both professional and home use.

The blender’s series of safety features make it an excellent option for frequent use. The blender integrates a Redial High-Powered cooling fan and a thermal protection system.

  • Self-cleaning design
  • Large blender capacity
  • Multiple safety features
  • Adjustable speed control
  • It makes chunky sauces and thick soups
  • A little pricey
  • It can be a little heavy

02. Blendtec Classic Original Blender

The Blendtec Classic Blender is built to work on different food types thanks to its versatile design. The blender’s powerful motor design yields enough power to create heat and friction.

Thanks to this design, you can add cold ingredients to the blender to instantly yield flavorful hot soups. Furthermore, the blender features a patented blade design with 80% thicker stainless steel material with wings for smoother blends.

During those warm afternoons, the quick blades and self-adjusting buttons allow you to whip up different types of smoothies quickly.

On the other hand, the blender’s pulse function allows you to create quick snacks and dips like chunky salsa or guacamole. Using the blender, you can even prepare different baking items.

These include pancake batter mixes and even kneading thick bread and pizza dough. The blender uses unique plunger-like technology, although it doesn’t have one.

The patented technology pulls ingredients closer to the blade for more precision blending instead of the standard spinning mechanism.

  • Powerful 1560W motor
  • Pre-programmed speed
  • Large four-sided 75-ounce jar
  • Illuminated LCD screen with timer
  • Prepares different food and drink items
  • No speed slider
  • It can be a little noisy

03. Ninja BL660 Countertop Blender

best blender for ice and frozen fruit

Thanks to its large capacity and advanced features, the Ninja BL660 combo Blender is an excellent option for the family. The blender comes with a powerful 1100W motor base, allowing it to prepare different food items.

The motor offers enough power to crush ice and pulverize even the toughest ingredients. Its 6-blade design complements the robust motor, allowing you to easily turn ice into snow in just seconds.

But, the blades don’t work like regular blender knives. Instead, the hardened stainless steel blades employ a superior nutrient extraction mechanism.

The extractor blades combine with the powerful motor to easily break down fruits and vegetables for full-bodied juices and smoothies.  The blender features a full-sized countertop design to fit on your kitchen counter.

Its subtle design complements the décor and aesthetics of any kitchen setting. The family-size blender comes with a 72-ounce pitcher, which is adequate for a family or entertaining guests.

The blender also comes with a smaller to-go cup for when you want to blend your smoothies without having to share them with anyone.

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  • Free recipe inspiration guide
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • 4 adjustable speed controls
  • Total ice to snow crushing power
  • One 72 ounce pitcher and two 16 ounce cups
  • Uncomfortable pitcher handle
  • It doesn’t automatically adjust the speed

04. Instant Pot Cooking Blender

The Instant Pot Ace Plus Blender allows you to use it for both cold and hot blending. Using the blender, you can quickly whip up smoothies and ice treats. It also features a customizable temperature control allowing you to make hot foods.

These include purees, soups, sauces, dips, and baby food. In fact, the blender integrates a heating technology that warms your food for up to 2 hours after hot blending.

Furthermore, the 1000W blender packs a powerful 25,000 RPM motor and 10-speed customizable design for varying blending needs.

The blender also integrates an easy cleaning program. The smart program removes most foods and residues from the blades and pitcher in under 60 seconds. You can then use a soft brush to rinse out the remaining light residues.

  • Self-cleaning design
  • 2-in-1 hot and cold blender
  • Versatile high-speed control
  • Warms food for up to 2 hours
  • May leak over time
  • Plastic finish may not be the best for everyone

05. NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender

best small blender for frozen fruit

The NutriBullet Pro single serve Blender packs a powerful 900-watt motor to make it great for crushing ice and most types of fruits. The high-powered motor gives the blender incredible speed and strength too.

Yet, it boasts a simple design to make it easy to use. Furthermore, the blender integrates special Refined Nutrient Extraction blades that turn the most nutritious ingredients into power-packed and healthy drinks.

However, this is not all that makes the blender stand out. Integrating a 13-piece design, the blender comes with great versatility.

The unit comes with a base, extractor blade, 32-ounce cup, to-go lid, lip ring, lip ring with handle, and a free recipe book.

The blades feature a stainless steel finish and integrate a cyclonic action mechanism to break the toughest ingredients without damaging the nutrients offered.

On the other hand, the blender cups feature safe, BPA-free plastic construction. Just like it is simple to use, the blender features an easy-to-clean design.

Simply twist off the blades and rinse them with soap and water. You can then toss the plastic cups and lids into a dishwasher for a quick clean.

  • Affordably priced
  • Dishwasher safe cups
  • Free recipe book
  • Free to-go cup with lid
  • Unique extraction blade design
  • Too small for a family
  • No speed or pulse control

06. Cleanblend Large Multipurpose Blender

Boasting a powerful 1800W motor, the Cleanblend Large Blender delivers impressive and robust performance for home and professional use.

The blender’s motor combines with its high-end stainless steel 8-blade design to do almost anything. Using this blender, you can do anything from pulverizing ice, chopping salsa, or processing hot soups. In fact, the blender replaces a variety of appliances in your home.

It is designed to crush, blend, chop, heat, grind, process, liquefy, and puree. Furthermore, the blender is equipped with variable speed control to cater to different needs. Its BPA-free 64-ounce jar accommodates enough foods and drinks to serve a large number of people.

While the blender delivers great blending power, speed, and capacity, it is still comfortable to have in your kitchen.  The commercial-grade blender comes with a noiseless motor design.

  • Noiseless operation
  • Variable speed control
  • 9-in-1 blender design
  • Powerful 1800W motor design
  • Designed for home and professional use
  • Jar a little loose at the bottom
  • Speed is a little too high

07. Oster Pro Glass Blender for Frozen Drinks

best blender for frozen drinks and smoothies

The Oster Pro Glass Blender offers great value for the money. The 2-in-1 blender features a regular 24-ounce blender jar and a to-go cup with a lid.

It also comes with a food processor attachment to puree foods or chop ingredients for food items like salsa. Yet, it still comes at an ultra-affordable price to give you great value.

The 1200W blender integrates a smart settings technology with up to 7-speed options, including 3 pre-programmed settings. The pre-programmed settings accommodate single-touch salsas, milkshakes, and smoothies.

You can also use the pulse function for extra control and precision. On the other hand, the budget-friendly blender features dual-direction blade technology. The blade technology blends ingredients forward and reverses movements for faster blending power.

  • Budget-friendly
  • 5 variable speed controls
  • Elegant brushed nickel finish
  • 2-in-1 blender and food processor
  • 3 pre-programmed speed settings
  • No self-cleaning feature

08. COSORI Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker

best mixer for frozen drinks

The Cosori BPA Free Blender features a multi-functional design to give you great value for your money. The powerful 1500W heavy-duty smoothie maker comes with an 800W auto blend base, two 24-ounce cups, and a single 12-ounce cup.

The blender features six stainless steel blades to handle different ingredient needs, while a tamper helps you instantly achieve the consistency you want. Furthermore, the blender is built with variable speed control to help you achieve the texture you want.

Due to the blender’s impressive features, you can pretty much prepare various foods and drinks –hot and cold.

You can quickly whip up hot soups using its friction heat, grind up coffee, spices, and nuts. Additionally, you can chop frozen ingredients and even prepare the pancake batter.

  • Soft rotating knob
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Variable speed control
  • Automatic on and off
  • Prepares hot and cold foods and drinks
  • Not available any digital display

09. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Best Smoothie Blender Under $100

If you are on a strict budget, the Hamilton Beach Blender is a perfect option. The blender comes with a low price tag, but it offers numerous features.

The blender features a standard 700-watt motor, yet, it packs up to 14 different blending functions for various needs. You can use the blender to whip, grate, grind, puree, crush, stir, and do more with your food or drinks.

The blender’s proprietary wave action easily pulls the mixture to the blade for a smooth and faster-blending function. Furthermore, the blender is fitted with a powerful Patented Ice Sabre blade design.

Thanks to this design, the blender offers a powerful ice crushing performance – tested with up to 2 tons of ice.

Additionally, the blender for frozen drinks integrates an overall long-lasting build with a life-tested guarantee to blend up to 8,000 frozen drinks.

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  • Up to 14 blending functions
  • Powerful ice crushing blades
  • Dishwasher safe jar, lid, and blades
  • Smooth Wave Action blending system
  • The mess-free pouring spout on the jar
  • Flawed mixer design
  • Some flimsy plastic components

10. BLACK+DECKER Crush Master

Best Budget Blender For Frozen Fruit

The Black + Decker Crush Master Blender features a lightweight and simple design to make it perfect for easy handling and smaller kitchens. Its affordability also reflects the blender’s simplicity.

The simple blender comes with a 48-ounce jar with a PerfectPour Spout to prevent spills and drips. Its multi-level stainless steel 4-point blade improves blender efficiency and power.

Thanks to this blade design, the blender can tackle both frozen fruits and ice. Furthermore, the lightweight blender features a clear lid insert that doubles as an ounce measuring cup for making mixed drinks.

Most of the blender’s parts except for the motor base are also dishwasher safe for easier and convenient cleaning.

  • Very affordable
  • Adequate 500W motor power
  • Dishwasher friendly components
  • Generously sized 48-ounce jar
  • 10-speed and pulse control function
  • No safety feature
  • Cannot crush large ice cubes

How to Choose the Best Blender for Frozen Drinks?

best cheap blender for frozen drinks

Even with the list of the best blenders for frozen drinks, it may be difficult to pick the ideal model for your needs.

In this case, it is a good idea to know what features to look out for when selecting the right model. Here are the common features to look out for when choosing the best blender for smoothies and frozen drinks.

The Motor Power

As the name suggests, the motor power of your blender represents its blending ability. You want the blender to offer adequate wattage to tackle the tough frozen ingredients and ice when using a frozen drink blender.

Generally, you should aim for a 300W blender with a blending jar capacity of up to 30 ounces.

However, if you intend on using the blender more frequently and for a higher capacity, you may have to up the rating to at least 800 to 1000 watts.

Blade Design and Material

When choosing a good quality blender, opt for stainless steel blades to ensure robustness and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel material is robust enough to shred through tough items like ice easily. Additionally, go for a blender that offers more blades (at least six). A higher blade number gives the blender more blending power and efficiency.

Multiple Blending Programs

Some of the best blenders for frozen drinks and smoothies feature a versatile design. Primarily, these blenders are built to crush ice and blend frozen ingredients. However, you can find models with additional features based on the design.

Some blenders can crush, grind, puree, liquefy, and even hot blend, to mention a few. However, you will pay a bit more for this design than a regular blender in most cases.

Jar Materials and Durability

Typically, blenders for frozen drinks feature a glass or plastic jar. Either material comes with its own advantage. However, you have to make sure you opt for a good quality blender model, so the jar material isn’t flimsy.

Glass vs. Plastic

As mentioned above, either material comes with its benefits. For example, BPA-free plastic features a robust finish and food-grade design to make it safe for use. However, it is not the best option for blenders with a hot blending feature.

Additionally, plastic scratches over time, ultimately losing its visual appeal. On the other hand, glass gives the blender a stunning and classier look.

Additionally, glass doesn’t scratch, discolor, or absorb food smells. However, cheap quality non-tempered glass can very easily shatter.

Jar Capacity

The jar capacity simply tells you whether the blender fits your household needs. If you have a large family, you want to go for a blender jar capacity of at least 50 ounces.

If you want a blender for your personal needs, a smaller capacity is just fine. You can also find models with a jar and multiple cup sizes to cater to different needs.

Noise and Performance

You can find blenders with various safety features, amongst them being the noise-canceling feature. This is a feature sought after by many consumers.

However, you still have to compromise at a certain point, even with a high-end blender that features a noise-canceling feature.

This is because with higher motor power, the blender’s capacity, speed, and performance increase.

Unfortunately, this also means that noises from the working motor also increase. Here you can check out another post about the best quality quiet blenders.

Easy to Use

Remember, you are not operating a spaceship. Therefore, there isn’t a reason why your blender should be difficult to use.

When choosing the right model, look out for several clues to ensure you pick an easy-to-use option.

Ideally, you want a blender with a single push function, so you don’t waste time with multiple settings every time you use it.

Cleaning Ease

Just like you want an easy-to-use blender, you also want to choose one that is easy to clean. Opt for a self-cleaning model with dishwasher-friendly components for more convenient care.

Most dishwasher-friendly blenders will let you toss almost everything into the machine except the motor base, which has electrical wiring.


Always go for a blender that comes with a warranty to protect your investment. After all, a brand that offers a reasonable warranty policy further cements the quality of its products.

The best blender for healthy drinks and smoothies should come with a warranty period of at least one to five years.

Price Range

Frozen drinks blenders have a wide price range. But, it is important to note that a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. You have to examine the features and decide if they work for you.

Typically, you should expect to pay about $30 to $100 for a low-end blender, $150 to $350 for a medium-end blender, and $400 to $800 for a high-end blender.

Frequently Asked Questions

best blender for frozen fruit

How Do You Blend Ice Smoothly?

Blending ice is pretty simple. All you have to do is first add the ice to the blend, cover about half of it with water, and press the pulse function (or high-speed setting, if your blender has no pulse).

Blend the ice until it forms chunks about a quarter-inch in size. Next, use a strainer to remove any liquid, leaving behind the crushed ice.

Why Does My Blender Not Crush Frozen Fruit or Ice?

Your blender doesn’t crush frozen fruit or ice because it is not built to do so. Some of the key factors why your blender can’t crush ice or fruit is the wrong blade design (causes ice or fruits to get caught under the blade) and low power rating. Partial ice crushing rated blender may require you to mix frozen fruit with some fresh fruit or ice with some water in order to work

Can I Put Ice or Frozen Fruit in a Blender?

You can use a blender designed for crushing ice to blend your frozen fruits or ice. However, to preserve the longevity of the blades, you want to slightly thaw the frozen items.

Thus, put them in a Ziploc bag or a bowl of water on your countertop for a few minutes before tossing them into the blender.

What Is a Blender Pulse Function?

A blender’s pulse function is an instant button you long-press to get an instant high speed. The function offers high blending power as long as you continue to press on it.

It is specially designed for when you need to control the blending process to achieve the texture and consistency you want on your food.

Is Using Frozen Fruit in Smoothies Healthy?

Frozen fruit smoothies are generally healthy. Like fresh fruits, frozen fruits still hold the same nutritional value. In fact, you can even find blenders with extraction blades to optimize the nutritional value of each fruit.

Unlike regular blender blades, these blades don’t crush the fruits to damage their nutrients. Instead, they crush each fruit while extracting its nutrients.

Wrapping Up

Using the best blender for frozen drinks, you can still enjoy your favorite beverages from the comfort of your home.

These blenders also allow you to elevate your favorite recipes. After all, chugging down a frozen strawberry banana smoothie feels so much better than a regular fruit bowl!

These blenders come in various designs and offer multiple functions and different price bands to suit your needs. So, take your time to choose the perfect blender to upgrade your drinks this summer!

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