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Best Blenders for Crushing Ice

8 Best Blenders for Crushing Ice in 2022

Having the best blender for ice can give you cafe quality refreshment at home whenever you want. Just blend all the ingredients together and you will get your drink ready in no time!

But as we know, the market is filled with varieties of blenders. Hence, finding the best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit can be a bit trickier at first.

You have to be careful while purchasing a blender so you won’t regret your decisions later. After all, you wouldn’t want your investment to go in vain! The smartest way to select the ideal blender for you is to go through all the available products and compare them.

By checking the high-quality ice-crushing blender you will be able to know all the information and which one to buy. Let’s jump into this!

01. Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender

When you are looking for the best commercial-grade blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit, the Vitamix 5200 deserves to be in the top three for obvious reasons.

While the price may seem a bit at first, this one delivers worthy performance for sure. Along with the extremely powerful motor, this machine has adjustable speed options to get the desired texture from any food item.

You can set the speed at a low, medium, or high rate to get the perfect result. The aircraft-grade stainless steel blade can cut through the toughest ingredients with ease.

Due to the high-power motor, the blending process takes little time to finish. The blade friction tech enables the blender to turn the cold ingredients into steaming hot in just six minutes.

The auto-cleaning system takes only 30-60 seconds and some warm soapy water to clean up for the next use. With the impressive 64-ounce container, this blender can blend a large batch of food in a single go.

This one is the perfect kitchen appliance for a family get-together. You can make smoothies, dips, doughs, sauce, ground ingredients, etc. The options are unlimited!

  • It has a powerful motor
  • Various ranges of speed
  • It has a self-cleaning feature
  • You can steam soup in this
  • High stainless steel blades
  • This is a bit pricey

02. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

In this ice-crushing blender list, our next entry is the Blendtec total classic blender. With the 6 pre-set cycles and ten speed-control manuals, you can control and adjust this machine to get a variety of textures. The LCD timer will display the remaining time of the process. Thus, you would know when the process is complete.

The developed stainless-steel blade is thicker and has wings to ensure an even blend. The 75-ounce jar is the perfect size to prepare a blending mixture for different dishes. While the 32-ounce blending capacity is sufficient for blending drinks for 3-4 persons, be it wet or dry.

You also get a ‘Warming Soup’ button on this device to heat your cold soups or drinks. Due to the blade friction heat, this may take around 6 minutes to warm the beverage. And hopefully, that feature makes it an excellent blender for bulletproof coffee as well as other hot drinks.

However, the cleaning process is also pretty easy. With the auto-cleaning option, you can wash your jar in a minute without worrying about any injury.

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  • Advanced technology for seamless blending
  • You can warm soup on this device
  • Easy to store
  • Self-cleaning option for easy wash
  • Safe and BPA-free 4-sided jar
  • This device is a bit loud

03. Magic Bullet 11-piece Blender Set

When it comes to personal use, the magic bullet blender has to be one of the best blenders for smoothies with frozen fruit.

This bullet-shaped machine is compact and can be the ideal smoothie maker for you. The 250-watt motor can blend the fruits and veggies evenly to give you a thick and smooth texture. You can also chop, whip, or mix ingredients with this.

Using the magic bullet is the easiest thing to do! Just fill the cup with all the food ingredients and press the top of the cup, because it has no extra control base. The whole process takes nearly 10 seconds to be done! From appetizers to dessert, you can make delicious dishes following the provided recipe book with the package.

This tool works great to make your daily protein shakes. Using the two extra cups with go-to lids, you can take your fill of favorite smoothies outside your home as well! The cleaning system is also quite hassle-free, just put it in the dishwasher once you are done.

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  • It has two standard sized cups
  • The price is reasonable
  • Easy and fast operation.
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Not suitable for multiple serving

04. Ninja BL660 Countertop Blender

While we are talking about making drinks with crushed ice, the Ninja BL660 is hands down the best family-size blender for frozen fruit of all. This sleek-looking blender has a motor power of 1100 and multiple speed settings.

You can use the pulse option for chopping, processing, or smashing food items. The crush tech grinds the ice and frozen fruits in no time!

The blender has 6 blades to ensure the smooth texture of the perfect smoothie, even it can be your next protein shake blender as well. However, mix all your favorite frozen fruits in the blender and enjoy the rich and healthy drink.

This blender can easily serve 6 persons with the 72-ounce jar. But you can make a drink for a single person with the provided single-serving cup as well.

You can even use the cups as take away using the lids. Besides smoothies, you can make various types of dressing, salsa, juices, etc using this multipurpose machine. If you want a family-size large blender for making different items, this one might a suitable option for you!

  • It works fast
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable structure
  • It has 2 single-serving cups
  • Can serve several people
  • The sound can be a bit loud

05. Hamilton Beach 58148A Glass Blender

If you think no blender can cost less than a hundred bucks, this blender would be a great surprise for you! With some great features and performance, the Hamilton 58148A is really the best smoothie blender under $100 that might a worth purchasing.

This multipurpose machine has not one, two, or four, but 12 blending functions to make your blending experience most joyful which maybe not be available in other blenders. And there are 5 buttons available on the base to operate this multifunctional blender.

The 700-watt peak blending power motor can crush the ice without any fuss and makes your protein shakes, sauce, juice, or smoothies taste much better. The “Wave Action System” of this machine pulls down the mixture into the blades to assure a smooth consistency.

Washing this machine is super easy, and you remove the blades for separate cleaning as well. The unique spout of the blender makes sure nothing spills from the jar. If you want a blender that can make your regular drink or smoothies quickly, you don’t need to think twice to choose this one.

  • The 40-ounce BPA-free glass jar
  • A powerful motor
  • Stainless steel blade integrated with wave-action tech
  • It has 12 blending function options
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean-up
  • The glass jar is a little bit heavy

06. Instant Pot Ace 10-in-1 Blender

Think of a blender that can blend and cook some simple soupy dishes as well, and how it will make your life more convenient, right?

Well, the Instant Ace Plus Cooking Blender is here to lessen the stress on you! With a notably powerful motor, this is one of the best multifunctional blenders for ice and frozen fruit of all time.

This compact-designed machine can be stored in your cupboard or sit on your kitchen counter! You can use this 10-in-1 multipurpose tool to prepare smoothies, margaritas, dips, nut butter, etc. Unlike the blade friction tech, this tool uses a hidden heating element to help you cook tasty soups.

You can even add broth, raw meat, and fresh vegetables later, and it will be cooked to perfection. The pitcher is made with thick glass to ensure safety when you are handling hot liquids.

After each use, you can clean the machine with the auto cleaning system. The best thing about this tool is, that you can make healthy smoothies or nut butter at home in such a short time.

  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • It can make hot soup
  • Built-in smart settings
  • Easy to wash
  • You cannot submerge the blender in water

07. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z is our next product that can be your next alternative in your kitchen. This 1200W power tool is made with BPA-free materials to ensure the food nutrition is intact and tasty.

You can prepare a variety of items like nut butter, infant foods, dips, etc. Besides making ice-crushing drinks and smoothies, you can also make many other drinks whatever you like.

With the multiple speed settings, you can prepare your drinks or soups by using 3 separate functions. There is also a pulse option that you can use for a simple power burst. Just press the button and wait for the blender to finish the work! The stainless-steel blades have a cyclonic blending design to deliver a strong performance.

The BPA-free plastic pitcher has a sturdy structure that can last a long time. The 64-oz container has plenty of room to prepare foods for multiple people at one go. Just like the easy operating system, you can clean the machine by simply putting it into the dishwasher.

  • Durable and powerful
  • Multiple speed functions
  • Easy to clean
  • It blends and cooks really fast
  • Handle isn’t very comfortable

08. Cuisinart CBT-2000 Pro Blender

In this best ice-crushing blender list, the Cuisinart CBT-2000 has taken the final position for its versatile performance and standard features.

Built with high-quality BPA-free plastic materials, you can use this machine for a long time. The powerful motor uses 3.5 peak Horsepower to crush the ice and frozen fruits into a smooth structure.

Made of stainless steel, the blades have ball-bearing construction to ensure a superior crushing performance! With different power setting functions, you can boost the process by combining them based on your preference. Just set the time stamp you want and wait for it to complete. The LCD display will show you once the blending time is over.

It also includes the BlendLogix operating tech that can sense the food load and adjust the blending speed accordingly.

You can create your healthy green drink, protein shake, dips, and sauce with this versatile machine. This extra-large pitcher can prepare delicious treats for several people at a time!

  • This is a powerful blender
  • Excellent build quality
  • It can chop hard ingredients as well
  • Rubber feet for balance
  • This can be loud at high speed

How to Choose the Best Blender for Crushing Ice?

blender for ice and frozen fruit
When you are thinking of buying the best blender for frozen drinks, you wouldn’t want your money to go wasted on the wrong product. To avoid such blenders, there are some simple facts you should consider beforehand.

The Motor Power

Crushing ice is not easy, and not all blenders can do this task. You must remember that motor power is a crucial element of a blender’s functionality.

To pulverize the ice into tiny pieces, the blender needs to create a lot of friction. Make sure the horsepower of the blender is equal to or higher than 600 watts.

Blade Design

The design of the blades is essential to blend all the ingredients evenly. A regular multipurpose blender may have several tips with sharp edges that you can use for a variety of work.

However, if you specifically want the best personal blender for ice crushing, you should choose a two-tipped blade with blunt edges.

Various Speeds

Check if your chosen blender comes with various speed selection options. The speed of a regular blender may be hard to control while creating air bubbles in the mixture as well.

A manually controlled blender will let you adjust the blending speed according to your preference. To make the perfect smoothie drink, choose a blender that comes with multiple speed options.

Jar Material

Crushing ice is one of the hardest heavy-duty processes, even for an ice blender. The jar materials have to be of standard quality to prevent any possible kind of breakage or damage.

A pitcher should be sturdy enough to endure the pressure and force created by ice while blending. Check the materials and make sure you pick a strong-built machine.


Size is important when you are picking a blender for yourself or your family. To move freely during the blending process, frozen ingredients need extra space in the pitcher. It is better to purchase a large jug even if you are making only a glass of drink.

Multiple Blending Program

Several blenders have multiple types of preset blending programs like ice crushing, smoothie, pulse, etc. Decide which modes are necessary for you and choose according to your needs.

Glass vs. Plastic

While both have pros or cons of their own, you have to choose carefully before deciding the device. Glass is heavy yet can be durable and recyclable. On the other hand, plastic can scratch but preserves the flavor better. It is also cheaper than glass materials.

Noise Level

Blending is already a noisy process, and crushing ice on top of that makes it noisier. Some blenders take more time to grind frozen fruit or ice while making loud sounds in the process. You can check the noise level to ensure a comparatively lower noise level when using the device. 


Some blenders can make nut butter, baby food, frozen sorbets, milkshakes, dough, hot soups, grinding coffee, etc. Maximum ice-crushing mixtures will allow you to prepare varieties of smoothies, be it frozen or something else.

Cleaning Ease

Cleaning the blender is a must once you are done with your drink preparations. This is also a tiring and risky process if you are not cautious enough.

Hence, choose a dishwasher-safe blender for your convenience. You can also choose ones with auto-cleaning features.

Frequently Asked Questions

blender for frozen fruit and ice

How Much Ice Does It Take to Make Frozen Drinks?

To make a frozen drink you need to have crushed ice to add that thick texture and chilling effect. You can start adding a quarter of ice with other ingredients and blend to see the outcome.

If the mixture isn’t thick enough, add some more ice and blend them again. Adjust the blending speed gradually, or the drink will become too thin.

Why Does My Blender Not Crush Frozen Fruit and Ice?

Not all blenders are suitable to crush ice or frozen fruit. The blender should have sufficient horsepower to break down the ice, or it would just spin the ice in the container. These days, the ice-crushing feature is being added to the high-quality blenders as a primary focus. 

Does Ice Make Smoothies Thicker or Thinner?

In general, water makes your drink thin. But with crushed ice, the whole thing is a lot more fun! When you add crushed ice to your smoothie or drink, it becomes thicker till the ice melts.

You can even make fruit-flavored ice using your ice cube tray. Put the fruit juice or milk in the ice tray and freeze them. Just add them to the blender when you are making a drink.

How Do You Blend Ice Smoothly?

Blending the ice is not so hard if you do it properly. First, fill the blender jar with one-third ice cubes and spread them around.

You can add some water or juice to add some speed. Close the lid and pulse the machine for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times. Then set the blender at a medium speed and shake the pitcher for 15-30 seconds.

Can You Put Ice in a Glass Blender?

This depends on the machine you are using. Some blenders have jars of thin glass, which may be used to crush a small amount of ice.

But it may crack if you attempt to squash a large chunk of ice. Hence, check the user manual to see what you can do or can not do with the glass blender.


We know how soothing it is to have an ice-cold drink after a long working day, be it a drink with frozen fruit, smoothies, or a cup of iced coffee.

However, crushing the ice is a difficult job if you don’t have the right equipment for it. With the best blender for ice, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. This magical equipment will do the work within minutes!

For your better understanding, we have recorded all the essential info regarding the blenders. Hence, after going through the whole write-up, you can easily choose the best blender for yourself without any hesitation! So, don’t wait anymore and grab your one before they stock out!

We know time is a great asset for everyone. And we are thankful that you have spent your valuable moments reading our article. If you want to read more buying guides like this one, keep your eye on us for more updates.

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