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Best Blenders for Milkshakes

Best Blender for Milkshakes in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

Want to enjoy a refreshingly cold and smooth shake during the summer season? Investing in a good-quality blender for milkshakes is key.

Using a blender specially designed for making shakes gives you total control over your creation. In the end, you can produce better tasting and thicker treats with just the right consistency you like.

Ultimately, you don’t have to go to a restaurant or a milkshake outlet to enjoy the best-tasting milkshakes. To find the best blender for milkshakes, we’ve tested several popular models on the market.

Our testing involved quality checks, milkshake sampling, appearance, and durability. After months of vigorous and detailed testing, we’ve narrowed our list of 9 top-rated picks.

01. Vitamix White 5200 Premium Blender

Built with professional standards, the Vitamin White 5200 Blender caters to both commercial and home kitchens.

This professional blender is fitted with powerful hardened steel, which handles the toughest ingredients, maintaining an even blending consistency. During our testing, we tried various ingredients to prepare different smoothie recipes.

We used pistachio nuts, chocolate blocks, ice cream, and a combination of different fruits. In turn, the blades were always able to effectively churn through the ingredients and maintain the same smooth consistency with coarse chunks from nuts and chocolates. So, if you want to enjoy flavorful shakes with different fun textures, this is a perfect choice.

The unit also integrates a variable speed control to complement the blades in processing different ingredients. You can take advantage of these controls to fine-tune textures in your shake. A simple rotation of the dial will change the speed mid blending.

  • Produces hot soups in minutes
  • 60-second self-cleaning function
  • Large capacity jar for large batches
  • Ideal for home and commercial kitchens
  • A little expensive

02. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Unlike most standard blenders, the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender doesn’t carry a regular price tag. However, this high investment is definitely worth it.

Using this powerful milkshake blender significantly helps you cut downtime on prep. You don’t really have to waste time to increase your ingredients’ surface area by chopping, slicing, or dicing.

Its powerful blades can very easily handle even the toughest ingredients without the prep. The home and professional kitchen blender offers 80% thicker stainless steel forged blades. This design also makes the blades 10x stronger than regular blender blades.

The blender doesn’t need a tamper or plunger using this blade design. It pairs the blades with a special blending technology to adequately blend your ingredients instead of spinning them during the blending process. It automatically pulls the ingredients towards the blade for sufficient blending.

  • No prep required
  • Versatile blending function
  • Ultra-strong and thick blades
  • Built with pre-programmed cycles
  • Create heavy noise during blending time

03. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

The NutriBullet combo blender is designed to cater to your whole family’s needs. You can use it to prepare a large batch for the entire family or a single on-the-go serve. To allow for this versatility, the blender comes with various components.

In addition to its 1200W motor base, it features a 64-ounce lidded jar with a vent cap and a tamper. It also has a 32-ounce lidded to-go cup and a 24-ounce lidded to-go cup.

A free recipe book is also included in the package for inspiration. While the blender’s large capacity caters to the entire family, it features a sleek and compact build.

This design allows you to fit the modern-looking blender anywhere on your kitchen countertop for convenience. The blender features three precision speed control options to help you achieve the consistency you want, including pulse control. Finally, it’s an excellent blender for under $100 for making large batches of healthy drinks.

  • Simple washing design
  • Comes with two to-go cups
  • Extract speed options for quick shakes
  • Easy twist extraction blade with cyclonic action
  • No heated blending

04. Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

Thanks to this affordability and functionality, the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is a perfect option for those who want optimal value.

The milkshake blender features an intelligent Total Crushing Technology which gives the blades adequate power to crush and pulverize ice, fruits, and vegetables.

On the other hand, its 72-ounce pitcher is excellent for making large batches for the family or friends. While the blender doesn’t have an impressive job in crushing and pulverizing ice and other ingredients, we noticed some variations during our testing.

Due to the slightly lower motor power, you need to properly prep your ingredients before blending. Compared to standard blenders of the same capacity, this shake blender has a slightly lower motor power.

In turn, the blender experiences slight jamming problems if you use unchopped ingredients or frozen fruits and vegetables straight from the freezer.

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  • Affordably priced
  • Large 72-ounce pitcher
  • Crushes and pulverizes ice
  • Makes frozen drinks and smooth shakes
  • Loses power with poorly prepped ingredients

05. Magic Bullet Single-Serve Blender

The Magic Bullet single-serve blender comes as an 11-piece set to cater to different individual needs in your home.

Packed with multiple single-serve components, the blender is specially designed for preparing small batches. In fact, it even comes with a minimal motor power of only 250W.

The blender set includes cross blades, a tall cup, a short cup, a party mug, and lids. You will also find a 10-second recipe guide in the package for inspiration on quick and simple shakes to enjoy.

Yet, while the blender features a compact size and minimal motor power, its functions aren’t at all limited. You can use the blender to whip, blend, grind, mix, and chop.

We tried a wide range of recipes during our testing process, all with successful results. As part of the food samples, we prepared a rub for meat using its chopping function, processed ingredients for salsa, and sampled various shake recipes.

  • Energy efficient
  • Three individual serving cups
  • Multiple blender functions
  • Free 10-second recipe guide
  • No speed control

06. COSORI 9-piece Blender for Shakes

Whether you want to whip up a smoothie or shake, the Cosori Blender is a great companion in the kitchen. The blender features a high speed and mixer function to crush ice, frozen fruits, and vegetables.

However, its 800W motor power means that you will only prepare small batches. This is why it comes with smaller-sized blending cups.

But, you will be impressed with the options you get. The ice-crushing blender comes with two 24-ounce cups and one 12-ounce cup. Each cup comes with a sealed lid to make it easy to enjoy your drinks on the go.

You will also be impressed with the blender’s powerful hardened stainless steel blades. The blade pulverizes ingredients into the most absorptive state by integrating three different blade edges.

We noticed the sharp edges did a great job at chopping fruits like mangoes, apples, and berries during testing.

On the other end, the blunt edges were quite effective at crushing ice, seeds, and nuts. The blender also integrates a hole blade for nutrient and vitamin extraction.

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  • Built-in auto blending mode
  • Comes with three on the go cups
  • Dishwasher friendly components
  • Crushed ice, seeds, and nuts
  • Not sufficient for a large family

07. Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

The Hamilton Beach 581498A glass blender is built for those on the stringiest budget. With one of the lowest price tags, the blender offs incredible affordability, yet, it maintains impressive functionality. For one, the blender offers a large glass jar capacity of up to 40 ounces.

Additionally, it comes with 12 pre-designed functions to improve your efficiency in the kitchen. The blender’s dedicated function buttons are categorized into four key groups.

The first button allows you to make milkshakes and doubles as a self-cleaning button. The second button purees different ingredients and makes smoothies and other icy drinks.

The third button dices, chops, and prepares ingredients for salsas. The final button grinds, crushes, and grates. You can also use the third and fourth buttons in pulse mode.

While the blender boasts an ice-crushing function and impressive extraction blades, its low motor power may not be sufficient to crush some frozen ingredients.

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  • Very affordably priced
  • Self-cleaning function
  • No mess pouring spout
  • Convenient 5-function buttons
  • Lacks a high motor power performance

08. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

The Oster Pro 1200 Blender is designed to make it easier to control your creations while giving you convenience at the same time. The blender features a smart setting technology with seven-speed controls.

The blender features a low, medium, and high control option, depending on the ingredients you use. The pulse option allows you to gauge the consistency so you can enjoy your shakes how you want.

For days when you are in a hurry, you can take advantage of the pre-programmed controls for the most common functions. The one-touch control includes a salsa/chop, milkshake, and smoothies/other frozen drinks.

All you need to do is add the ingredients you want, click on the buttons, and continue with other tasks as the blender whips up your drinks or foods for you.

Additionally, the blender features an impressive 3.5-inch blade system. This dual-direction blade technology gives it extra blending, chopping, and grinding power.

  • Ice crushing power
  • Dishwasher safe 24-ounce jar
  • One-touch controls for common functions
  • 50% larger blade system for better motion
  • No heating functions

09. Cincred Personal Blender

The Cincred portable blender features a simple and compact design to make it ideal for home or office use. Its small size and lightweight build also make the blender perfect for travel. The personal blender features a 2-piece set with a small motor base and a 12-ounce travel cup with a lid.

The travel cup features silica gel seal rings inside and on the exterior cover to prevent spilling and leaking. The seal rings allow you to carry the cup comfortably in your bag. Yet, the blender is still versatile enough. You can use it to blend fruits and vegetables for shakes and smoothies.

The blender comes with a slag remover for when you want to enjoy a clean glass of juice. Additionally, the personal blender for milkshakes features a 3-extraction blade design to pull out the most nutrients from your ingredients.

  • Easy to clean
  • Nutrient extraction blade
  • Slag remover for juice making
  • Double sealed no-leak travel cup
  • Lacks speed controls

Why Milkshake Is Good for You?

Why Milkshake Is Good for You

Milkshake prepared at home offers a great way to sample the flavors you want. You can add anything from chocolates to fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Furthermore, milkshakes eliminate the need to stick to those bland-tasting “healthy” smoothies or shakes without the guilt of unhealthy eating.

In fact, depending on the ingredients you use, milkshakes pack proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, milkshakes are a great companion for those who wish to lose weight.

Consuming a glass of milkshake can help you stay satiated for longer between breakfast and lunch. In turn, this reduces the chances of taking high-calorie snacks, helping you lose weight faster.

Tips for Making Milkshakes

Almost anyone will tell you they can make milkshakes. After all, all it takes is to mix in some milk, ice cream, and a choice of ingredients to enjoy the smooth, thick treat.

However, to truly achieve the deliciousness and consistency of the drink, you need to know how to fine-tune your ingredients properly.

Doing so makes the milkshake more filling, not too unbearable to drink, and even healthy. Here are some of the important tips for making good quality milkshakes;

  • Use less milk: You don’t want to add too much milk as this may cause your shake to be too thick. However, too little milk will also give your milkshake a syrupy taste and consistency. You have to fine-tune your milk quantity to match the recipe to enjoy the best tasting and milkshake texture.
  • Be creative: One way to enjoy the benefits of milkshakes is through creativity. You need to determine which ingredients are healthy and give you the best flavors. For example, if you want to create a bursting summer flavor with different layers of nuts, you can mix the base ingredients with the right fruits, nuts, and seeds. Try milk, vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and raspberries, pistachio or pecans, and quinoa. You can also identify natural ingredients that pair well with milkshakes, such as spices like nutmeg or vanilla bean.
  • Don’t make it too sweet: In many cases, if you have the combination of the right ingredients, you don’t need to add sugar. After all, with added sugar, your milkshake may have an overwhelming taste. Think of ingredients that can give you natural flavors like vanilla, milk chocolate, bananas, and a little bit of honey.
  • Quality control: Quality control should be a priority factor when making milkshakes. Thus, you have to pay extra attention when choosing ingredients for your shake. Don’t limit this factor to just your choice of fresh fruits. Even the base ingredients play an essential role in determining the texture and consistency of your shake. For example, one ice cream brand may offer a thicker and smoother consistency than the other – ever noticed your ice cream freezing into ice chunks when you return it to the freezer? You certainly want to stay away from such brands! Whole cream milk will give you a different consistency from soy or low-fat milk. Also, pay attention to ingredients that add texture. For example, you are better off using a freshly crushed or whole cinnamon stick than cinnamon powder as you will extract a better flavor, crunch, and aroma.

How to Choose the Best Blender for Milkshakes?

blender for shakes and smoothies

Here are some features to consider for the best milkshake blending performance. These are;

Blending Power

The blending power primarily depends on what you want to do. A 500 to 800W motor power rating is adequate for a small single-serve personal blender.

If you’re going to make larger batches of at least 24 to 64 ounces, you need a power rating between 1000 and 1800 watts. A blender designed to crush ice and frozen ingredients also requires a powerful motor of 1000 watts.

Blade Design and Performance

Blade performance is important as it determines whether or not your blender is effective. The best blender for milkshakes features hardened stainless steel blades resistant to rust, corrosion, coloring, and easy damage.

Additionally, you want to go for an extraction-type blade design that pulls ingredients rather than just spinning them. This ensures everything is thoroughly blended without losing nutritional value.

Blender Type

When shopping for a milkshake blender, you will come across a countertop and immersion blender. A countertop blender is one where you add all the ingredients, seal the top with a lid, and blend. These blenders offer a more efficient function, ensuring everything is well blended.

It can also work on tough ingredients like frozen fruits or ice. Immersion blenders can also be used for making milkshakes.

However, they can easily leave a mess on your countertop and cannot handle tougher ingredients. You are better off using this type of blender for soups and food that needs pureeing.

Pitcher Size

Pitcher size is an important feature for determining your serving needs. For example, if you want to make large batches for a medium-sized to big family or friends, you should go for anywhere between 30 and 64 ounces. However, you can also find jars with up to 80 ounces capacities.

Alternatively, if you want a personal use blender, a 6 to 12-ounce jar is adequate. You will also find blenders that come as sets or combos with a single jar for large batches and smaller cups for individual and travel use.

Speed Settings

Some milkshake blenders come with variable speed settings, while others don’t. Using these speed settings, you can prepare different food items and consistencies you want.

For example, chopping vegetables for salsa will require a different speed to blending ingredients for a smoothie. So, a blender with a variable speed setting offers more versatility and allows you to prepare more than just a shake.

Pulse Features

In addition to the speed settings, some blenders will also come with a pulse feature. The pulse feature simply comes in handy when you want to accurately control the consistency and texture of your milkshake and other food items, like salsa.

Cleaning Opportunity

The best blenders for milkshakes will come with dishwasher-safe components, like jars, cups, and lids. You can also find blenders built with self-cleaning functions.

So, all you do is add water and mild soap and run the blender to clean it.  On the other hand, electrical components like the motor base are pretty easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them with a clean cloth and mild soapy water.

Price and Warranty

A good quality blender for milkshakes will cost you around $40 to $500. The pricing doesn’t necessarily determine the quality but rather the features. If you want to enjoy more features, you will ultimately pay more.

However, you can also find blenders that offer good value, like the Hamilton Beach 581498A Blender. Furthermore, a good quality blender should come with a warranty of at least 3 to 5 years to protect you in case of manufacturer defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

blender for making milkshakes

What’s the Difference Between Smoothies and Milkshakes?

The main difference between a smoothie and a milkshake is the base ingredient. A milkshake is usually made from a dairy-based ingredient like ice cream and milk. In addition to the dairy base, you can add fruits, nuts, and other flavor-enhancing ingredients.

On the other hand, smoothies are solely made from fruits, although some people add yogurt. You can also add additional ingredients like seeds and nuts. A smoothie resembles a fresh fruit juice thick in consistency since it is not strained.

How Long Should You Blend Milkshakes?

The exact duration for blending milkshakes depends on your blender’s power. However, you should expect to blend anywhere between 40 and 90 seconds. The more time you spend blending, the less lumpy your milkshake will be.

How Do I Prevent Overheating?

A good quality milkshake blender features a built-in overprotection feature. However, you also need to exercise safely to protect your appliance. To prevent your blender from overheating, use it in 10-second intervals.

So, when mixing and blending ingredients, power up the blending function for 10 seconds and stop to rest for a few seconds. Repeat this process until you are done.

You will know your motor is overheating when you smell a burning scent. If you do, simply turn off the switch and let the blender rest. You can then resume when it is completely cool, and the blender is cool to touch.

What Are the Benefits of Milkshakes?

Milkshakes come with various benefits, depending primarily on the ingredient used. These include;

  • They pack nutrients like proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals
  • They support healthy weight loss
  • Keep you satiated for an extended period
  • Finally, they pack pleasant flavors and fun textures

Which One Is Healthier Between Smoothies or Milkshakes?

Unbeknownst to many people, both smoothies and milkshakes pack a lot of sugars and calories. However, smoothies are usually low in fat due to their natural fruit and veggie formulation. Compared to milkshakes, smoothies are a healthier option.


With the best blender for milkshakes, the warmer seasons cannot get any better. Using a good-quality blender, you can whip up any flavor, consistency, and texture of milkshake you want. While all the 9 top picks on the list do an outstanding job, our personal favorite pick is the Vitamix White 5200 Blender.

The blender offers incredible motor power, variable speed settings, impressive blade performance, and unwavering versatility. So, choose your ultimate blender option to keep cool and happy this summer season.

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