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Can You Put Aluminum Foil In an Air Fryer

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer? Complete Guide

Over the last few years, air fryers have become the most popular kitchen appliances among home cooks and food enthusiasts. Because it always provides healthy food than other cooking appliances and is easy to use.

Many people use their own way to cook different foods, and sometimes they want to put foil inside it. But really can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, aluminum foil can be used in an air fryer to cook, but it’s always not the best option. Using aluminum foil will keep your air fryer clean, and make your food so crispy but you should put it only in the basket. And never cook orange, lemon, tomato, and other acidic foods with foil.

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Is It Harmful to Use Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer?

Does aluminum foil make foods crispy
While we are still learning about air fryers and safe covering to use in them, they’ve been reports that aluminum is not necessarily harmful.

According to Dana Angelo White, a registered dietitian, who wrote for food network: higher usage and intake of aluminum foil is bad. However, there is less toxicity in mild usage, like the ones we use to wrap foods for heating in an air fryer.  

Is It Possible to Cook in the Air Fryer Without Foil?

Yes, it is. In the absence of aluminum foil, you can use parchment paper in your air fryer. Just like the aforementioned, foods that contain citrus do not need aluminum foil in air fryers.

And alternatively, you can use wax paper in the air fryer but you should maintain the temperature. Because after 450 Degrees Fahrenheit wax paper will start melting that do not expect anyone in their food.

Does Aluminum Foil Make Foods Crispy?

Wrapping foods with aluminum and poking holes to aid even heating makes the food crispy. However, an entirely wrapped food will hardly turn out crispy as it will preserve moisture. 

What Food Should You Not Put in the Air Fryer With Aluminum Foil?

What can you not put in an air fryer
Foods you should avoid putting in an air fryer include: 


Air fryer liners are the best to use before putting foods that mostly consist of tomatoes in the air fryer. Due to the acidity in tomatoes, avoid using aluminum foil when putting tomatoes into the appliance. 

Fruits, especially citrus

Most citrus is acidic, you should steer clear of them. This is because aluminum can react negatively with the citrus content (aluminum salts can also form). Even though they may not be too harmful when taken, they are certainly not tasty either. 


Asides from the acidity, it leaves a metallic taste after using aluminum foils for tart foods. Pepper reacts with aluminum and breaks it down when used in an air fryer. 

Marinades that contain vinegar or lemon juice

If your marinades contain lemon juice or vinegar, you can safely use aluminum foil when it’s still cold. You can wrap your marinades with the foil before refrigeration.

But, using it in a hot cooking appliance is not advisable. To avoid a negative reaction from the aluminum foil, opt for parchment paper instead. 

Can You Use Parchment Paper in the Air Fryer Instead of Foil?

Parchment papers are even better than aluminum foils. They sit well with the air fryer and do not stick your food on it. It also reduces the risk of damage that occurs, if it was a foil that was used. 

Benefits of Using Foil in the Air Fryer

Benefits of using aluminum foil in the air fryer

  • It aids easy air fryer cleaning after cooking. 
  • When cooking foods that have a strong aroma, the residue it leaves in an air fryer may affect the taste or smell of other foods cooked in the same air fryer. Wrapping them in Aluminum foil curtails spilling. 
  • It helps to store food. Sometimes you may like to leave leftovers in the air fryer to preserve its taste. Aluminum foil is the perfect material to curtail platters for foods with moisture. 
  • Aluminum foil is beneficial in the air fryer as it can help retain moisture in foods like meats. 
  • It is a favorable process to cook vegetables. 

Here’s How You Can Easily Use Foil in Your Air Fryer (Step by Step)

Here is the process of how easily you can cook your food with aluminum foil without facing any problems. But before make sure they are single layer.

  • Step 1: Tear out your foil according to the size of the food you intend to wrap. 
  • Step 2: Endeavor to use it sparingly. Start wrapping the food. 
  • Step 3: While wrapping, make a long strip to enable easy pull-out when the food is ready.  Do not wrap it too tight, as it will prevent proper heat circulation.
  • Step 4: Arrange them in the air fryer basket, do not line aluminum foils over the pan or underneath the air fryer basket. If they are wrapped too tight, consider poking holes in them, to ensure even heating. 
  • Step 5: Take a careful look at your arrangement and make sure there is no aluminum foil lying over the basket. Now, Plugin the air fryer, and set it to your desired temperature. 

Note: Before you get started, do not preheat an air fryer with empty foil in it as it can be dangerous. Ensure there’s food inside the foil before cooking. 


There are many ways to use aluminum foil in your air fryer, but it is important that you take the necessary precautions when using them.

This way, you can enjoy tastier meals without putting yourself or your machine at risk of danger. If you are going to use wraps often on your air fryer, a good option might be parchment paper instead.

They are better suited for use in air fryers and eliminate all the risks associated with regular aluminum foil wrap!  If there’s anything else we can do to help make cooking healthier and more convenient for you please let us know!

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