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do electric knife sharpeners work

Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Work? A Comprehensive Guide

Electric knife sharpeners are one of the most recent additions to your kitchen. Electric knife sharpeners are speedy and user-friendly. These sharpeners offer lots of sharpening options by using a variety of blades.

One downside of electric knife sharpeners is that they are more expensive and required a power source to operate. These sharpeners are bulky and provide less control. The question that may arise in your mind is that do electric knife sharpeners work better or not. The article will explain everything in detail.

How Often Do You Need To Sharpen Your Knife?

Generally, your knives need to be perfectly sharpened after some months depending on how they can be used often. We would recommend you professionally sharpen your knives each week for better performance.

Stainless steel knives want sharpening with the steel after use it for two to four times. It will keep your knives sharp. You should also sharpen your Carbon steel knives after each use. If you keep honing, then you need to sharpen knives not more than one time per 1 to 2 months.

What Is an Electric Knife Sharpener?

Electric sharpeners are used for Knife sets but also have the ability to sharpen the blades like pocket knives. Some models of these electric knife sharpeners not only sharpen the straight edge blades but they also work perfectly on the serrated blade. A high-quality electric knife sharpener will sharpen knives without facing any problem. It means no broken, bending, and denting edges. The knife is only required to not only sharp but also to offer an accurate cutting.

How Do Electric Knife Sharpeners work?

Electric sharpeners operate by simply rotating the abrasive material as passing blades laterally to grind the metal from an edge of the dull knife. The sharpening material is usually present inside the machine body for better protection.

An electric knife sharpener needs to be perfectly plugged in to start. With these appliances, you can pass the knife simply via slots. The machine automatically aligns your knife and sharpen it within few minutes. The method is very simple and quick but requires certain care and electrical connection. It is very important to have proper maintenance.

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener?

A blunt knife is more dangerous than the sharp one. Blunt knives generally required more pressure to cut some soft and fibrous items such as meat. The steps included to use electric knife sharpeners are:

Step 1: Place the knife to a slot given in the sharpener and press the knife till the blade may touch the grinders.

Step 2: Now move the knife from the bottom side to the knife’s tip.

Step 3: When pulling the knife via the slots, you never have to do with the angles of the knife. Grinders will pre-set automatically at a 15 to 20-degree angle. While pulling the knife that touches grinders, the knife will perfectly sharpen at that angle.

Step 4: You have to comfortably pull the knives so that it never damage your blades.

Step 5: The knife sharpeners come in two to three stages; Fine, Polish, and Coarse. Pass each stage by simply repeating the procedure. The fine stone makes the razor of your knife sharp and polishing makes it smooth and shiny.

Step 6: After sharpening, you need to clean the knife with warm water and then dry it with a towel.

Step 7: You can collect the wastage of a knife by using the magnet. For more care, you can also use paper to collect the wastage and then move it to garbage.

Are Electric Knife Sharpeners Good?

An effective knife sharpener can easily sharpen the knife instantly and quickly. These electric sharpeners feature various angles of the grinding blades that offer the perfection that is needed in the knife. You will never need to use much energy to sharpen the knife by using this kitchen accessory. With superb grinding stones, the finish of your knives is good and the edges are at the perfect angle.

How Do You Sharpen Kitchen Knives?

Before you decided to sharpen a knife, ensure that the blade of your knife will perfectly fit inside the sharpener. You should be fully attentive to the process. Any mistakes can spoil the lifespan of your knife and also damage its blades. Following methods can be used to sharpen kitchen knives:

  1. Using diamond stone
  2. Using coffee mug
  3. Using electric knife sharpener
  4. Using a honing rod.

Do Professional Chefs Use Electric Knife Sharpeners?

Some professional chefs prefer to sharpen their knives by hand but electric knife sharpeners can also be the best choice for professional kitchens all over the world. The electric knife sharpeners offer awesome and professional use within a few minutes after minimal training.

What’s the Difference Between Honing And Sharpening?

Honing is only maintaining of knife-edge that may be already sharp. The honing steel just pushes the blade edge back to an alignment. It is recommended that keep hone your knife frequently. Some people also choose to hone knives after use.

Sharpening on another hand is removing materials from the edge of a blade by grinding it against any sharpening stone. If you are honing your knife regularly, then you will no need to sharpen it twice a year.


An electric knife sharpener is the best accessory for regular knife sharpness. You can easily sharpen any knife with an electric knife sharpener. Professional chefs also use these accessories most of the time because of excessive professional work. You can also use them if you want to get good service. We hope you get good information about do electric knife sharpeners work effectively? If you need more detail, let us know.

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