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does blending destroy fiber

Does Blending Destroy Fiber? Most Important Facts

You may hear some rumors about the special effects of juicing on fiber and nutritional content. Can you imagine that same happened with blending also?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must be well aware of the importance of both shakes and smoothies. But a very common question you may think for really does blending destroy fiber?

Both shakes and smoothies are the best and most nutritious diets that are always ready to maintain fresh energy drinks for the body. But before drinking a glass of smoothies even shake everything you need to know is blending destroy nutrient content?

Does Blending Destroy Fiber?

If you make your smoothie in a professional or high-quality blender, then it will never destroy fiber. Because a quality blender will break it down and it knows how long it should be blend to give you fresh and healthy smoothies.

When you are going to throw fruits, vegetables, and hard ingredients into the blender, you will lose some of the nutrition. But you are consuming the entire food so the loss is not so severe.

Blender only destroys the fraction of fiber that is good for the cardiovascular and digestive systems to work perfectly.

Can You Destroy Fiber in Smoothies?

Can You Destroy The Fiber In Smoothie

No, a blender doesn’t destroy the fiber. It only breaks down the fiber into small pieces however, the fiber of the fruit still remains intact. It is because, of the ability of the blended fruit to speed up digestion and nutrient absorption.

The fiber remains there to offer health benefits. Blending the fiber with richer food can offer a drink that consists of healthy fiber and phytonutrients. So, you can feel fullness for a long time after consuming the blended fruit.

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients?

Exposure to oxygen may cause the breaking of delicious nutrients in the food. When you are going to put anything into the blender, then the cellular structure of food is destroyed which creates instant oxygen exposure.

It also causes the nutrients to spoilage and diminish but when you drink it instantly, then you will still be able to get lots of vitamins.

So, it means that if you place a blending drink on the countertop or in the fridge open, then more nutrients will lose their strength and you will not get what you want.

How Long Do Nutrients Last After Blending?

Smoothies are easy to make and nutritious in nature. The benefits of healthy smoothies are endless but what will you do when you leftovers the smoothie in a blender that you don’t want to waste?

Blending exposes some vegetables and fruits to oxygen as well as low heat levels. But smoothies come with more minerals and vitamins than that of any other cooked food. Because there will be more concentration of anti-oxidants in fibers.

Does Blending Fruit Release More Sugar?

Blending fruit enables the natural sugars to release within the cell walls of fruits and became free sugars. Free sugars consist of any added sugar such as maple syrup and honey that should avoid taking to protect your teeth as well as lower your intake of energy to maintain a healthy weight.

When you blend fruits, it breaks into the structure and fiber that is easy to consume large calories in a short time. The huge influx of these calories will create an increased level of blood sugar.

It gives an illusion that the food that is high in sugar when your body needs to get absorb it fast. If your main focus is to lose weight, then balance the level of blood sugars. To do this chewing or eating the fruit is best rather than blending it.

Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

Yes, your smoothies will lose nutrients overnight. When food cells are split open in the blender, they are generally exposed to oxygen.

This gas is used as the catalyst for breaking the food cells such as nutrients and vitamins. In another word, oxygen exposures may cause oxidization that can spell the starting of any spoilage process.

The secret to the slow oxidization process is you should add some antioxidants such as citric acid in your smoothie by using lemon or any lime juice.

Another method is to store it in an air-tight jar and fill it to the end to avoid any room for oxygen to trap inside it. Keep smoothies in the refrigerator that is the best way to slow down the spoiling process.

Can You Freeze Green Smoothies?

Can You Freeze Green Smoothies

While talking about the green and regular smoothies, something beneficial and unique that comes to my mind is can you freeze green smoothies? The answer is yes.  You can freeze it for a few days that would be considered the best option.

So, for that reason, what do you need to do? You can easily freeze green smoothies in an airtight or zip-lock jar for 6 to 7 days.

The taste of the green smoothie will be delicious and fresh. But first, it will be important to know which is your favorite fruit and give you a fresh taste. Choose the fruit and enjoy it a lot.

How Long Do Smoothies Last in the Fridge?

Oxidation occurs during the process of blending. Air is being entered into the ingredients of the smoothie that can change the taste of the smoothie. Let me tell you how you can keep your smoothie in the freezer for 1 to 2 days after its preparation.

Airtight the blender jar and you can forget all about consequences. The smoothie drink is available for you for a long time. There is an expectation of partition of blending material and water but don’t worry at all. Just shake the drink well before in order to get smoothness and taste.

Does Freezing Destroy Fiber?

The question that comes to mind of any person is does freezing destroy fiber? The answer is again a fallacy.

In actuality, freezing doesn’t destroy the healthy fibers but enables them to make a fresh smoothie with the help of frozen fruits.

If you are a lover of any off-season fruit and want to enjoy a mango smoothie then blend freezing mango and get a delicious mango smoothie.


I put lots of effort to find the best answers and I am sure all of these answers satisfied you. Smoothie is the best energy booster that offers minerals and vitamins in suitable quality. Smoothie is the best blend of healthy nutrients, either made from fresh or frozen food.

Now, it will be easier to convince yourself to drink smoothies because of their healthy lifestyle. It will improve the proper functioning of vital organs to stay healthier. So, just start your day with a unique dose of energy booster and enjoy it a lot.

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