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best blender with glass jar

7 Best Blenders With Glass Jar in 2022

Blenders with glass jars are gaining more popularity among users. While there is a general scare of breaking in them, it doesn’t underplay their importance in the kitchen. So, whether you need to blend or whisk your food seamlessly, you can’t get it wrong with a glass blender.

You’ll find in this article all you need to know while stocking for glass blenders on the market. Besides, it goes further to help you in selecting the best glass blenders among many different brands. So, read on and make a choice!

01. Instant Pot 10-in-1 Glass Blender

The Instant Pot Ace Plus Glass Blender leaves you with little or nothing else to wish for in a blender. Its powerful motor guarantees a cutting speed of 26,500RPM, which is safe to say the machine can turn just any food item into paste or powder within the twinkling of an eye.

There’s more! The device boasts of 10 unique selections with variable speed and temperature. It is also worth noting that this blender has a 1.6L pitcher, and that’s enough to whisk food that will sustain you and your guest.

Interestingly, the device does not only whisk things but can warm food as well. The heating element ensures uniform thermal distribution so that you get the same effect as using a stove. So, should your preference be soup, purees, dips, or cocktails, this blender is up to the task.

Moreover, it comes with accessories such as a measuring cup, food tamper, and a filter for your cereal milk. The cleaning brush ensures that cleaning is just as pleasant as usage.

Equally attractive is the modern and easy-to-use LED touch interface, which gives it an impressive appearance. It would be a great smoothie blender or other drinks whatever like. Or you can give it to someone else as a gift.

  • Easy to clean
  • 10 adjustable speeds
  • Come with Versatile features
  • Comes with good accessories
  • Heavyweight

02. Oster Pro Glass Blender

There is a lot of cheer for the Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Glass Blender. It features a Boro-class glass jar which gives you much confidence that there won’t be a crack when using it on hot or cold substances. Moreover, it has strong resistance against corrosion and chemical attacks.

The 3.5 inches blade system rotates both clockwise and anticlockwise. Another catch is that the structure of the cutters enhances the content to flow towards them.

There is no escaping its powerful blades, and you won’t need to wait long to get a perfect result. This blender can make protein shakes, smoothies, and many other healthy drinks without much effort.

Meanwhile, the device is high-power, having a rating of 1200W. It’s so powerful that it utilizes 900W to crush ice. You would love the three preset pulverizing options of green/frozen smoothies, food chop/salsa, and milkshake.

It also has three more speed settings ranging from low to high. If you’re the one that likes to get involved, the pulse button allows you to take full charge. What’s equally important as performance is the ease of cleaning. You can wash the pitcher of this blender in a dishwasher.

  • Powerful and versatile
  • 7-speed settings
  • Pulse function
  • Easy to clean
  • Spills can get in between buttons

03. Hamilton Beach 58148A Glass Blender

The Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender defies the notion that quality must always come pricey. Asides from the cost, there isn’t much variability between it and other blenders.

You’ll find the fact that it uses only 700W for its functions appealing as you save power. However, that doesn’t stop its blades from crushing various contents, with ice inclusive. It utilizes a “Wave Action System” that pulls the quota towards the grinders.

After blending, you can pour out its content from the spout located on its cap. As a result, you will prevent spilling which is a common incidence when pouring contents from the round-headed flask.

Unlike other blenders with several buttons, the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender is pretty straightforward. It has only five buttons that control twelve blending functions. You can also choose from two levels of pulse blending.

Thankfully, it weighs only 5.6 pounds, so you don’t have much weight to contend with when lifting. If you are in doubt about its durability, its warranty span of three years speaks volumes. Therefore, buying this appliance would be a great decision for your kitchen purposes.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Easy to clean
  • 12 grinding options
  • 3-years warranty
  • Small jar
  • Longer blending time

04. Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender

Bold, quick, and powerful. These three words describe the Ninja Foodi HB152 Glass Jar Blender. At first glance, you’ll know that this blender is up to the task.

A large pitcher capacity of 1.9 liters allows you to prepare much in little time. Besides, the jar has calibrations and also shows you the safe quantity of hot and cold contents that you can whisk at once.

The motor is powerful, boasting 1400W at its peak. As a result, the strong blades spin vigorously and at lightning speed, thereby, crushing ice and other contents in no time. You don’t need much supervision to get the perfect job.

It has 12 pre-programmed functions. Whichever is your preference among smoothies, frozen drinks, hearty and smooth soups, ice cream, sauce, and dip, this appliance has got your back.

What more? There is an 800W element to heat your soup. As automated as it seems, you have a free hand to do other chores as you please. When it comes to cleaning, this appliance will pose no challenge. You’ll love it.

  • Large capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Quick grinding
  • Heating function
  • 12 automated selections
  • A little bit costly

05. BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG 6-cup Blender

Before splashing out precious cash on some expensive blenders, you should consider the BLACK + DECKER BL1220GG PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender.

What the appliance lacks in power, it makes up for it by using a 4-tip Quad “Pro Blade Technology”. It creates a vortex that brings contents spiraling down into the blades. As a result, ice and other materials change form in a short while.

There is nothing complex about its control. There are only five buttons to press and select from 12 blending options. You would also find the pulse button handy to take charge.

Meanwhile, it has non-slip feet to keep it stable while working vigorously. At the same time, the non-slip feet prevent it from leaving scratches after use. Maybe it is the very cheapest item, but it provides really $100 blender performance.

However, the 6 cups or 1.4L jar has a cover that integrates a spout for pouring out content with ease. This blender is one of the lightest models out there. It weighs only 3 pounds, so carrying isn’t a burden.

You’ll never have to worry about washing it. You only have to disassemble the parts and let the dishwasher do the washing. That’s how pleasant this blender is.

  • Reasonable price
  • Non-complex control
  • Easy pour
  • Lightweight
  • Small capacity

06. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender

The Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender is perfect for any blending business. There are several reasons why this blender is smart. Even though the appliance rate is only 500 watts, yet it packs a punch.

From crushing to whisking, it does them with excellence. The blades are premium wetted steel which is apt to cut even in the absence of water.

Also, the jar cover has a small replaceable cover which allows you to introduce ingredients at different times. In the case of overloading, it has an automatic cut-off that prevents the motor from getting damaged.

You have 7 grinding speed options, which include pulsing. Each selection has a LED indicator to let you know which one you’ve selected.

You would also appreciate the classy appearance of this apparatus. The die-cast metal casing ensures that it is heat resistant and has a pleasant appearance.

The Cuisinart BFP-703BC smart power blender doubles as a food processor. The 3-cup food processor attachment has a feed tube and pusher to get in the contents even while in operation. There are also shredding discs and stainless steel chopping blades for the food processor.

  • Energy saving
  • Attractive appearance
  • Heat resistant
  • Versatile
  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight

07. WantJoin Commercial Blender

Few blenders can match the efficacy of the WantJoin WZ-K90 Professional soundproof Blender. It is a real machine that can take up heavy work for a long duration. You would be proud to own this one.

Thanks to its unique design, you can rest assured of little or no noise while the blender is at work. A shockproof pad, buffering platform, and stabilizing base make this equipment the perfect stealth operator. If that was not enough, the whole bulk fits into a housing that hushes any sound from it.

The design is a joy to behold. Moreover, even more, impressive than the physical appeal are its mechanical qualities.

It has a motor of 2400 watts and can force a blade rotation speed of 3800rpm. There is no need to state that this appliance will reduce any bulky substance to its lesser form in seconds without any hassles.

Another thing is the ease of control. The device has a vintage knob to make speed selections from one to fifteen and two buttons also.

Furthermore, there is much you can put in the 2.4 L calibrated jar. You can also feed in ingredients from an openable lid at the cap.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Quick and stealthy operation
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to control
  • Easy cleaning
  • It is bulky
  • Pricey

Glass vs. Plastic Blender – Key Differences

While there may be no difference in the performance of glass and plastic blenders, however, they would differ in these areas:

  • Material: As the name implies, glass jar blenders are made predominantly of glass. Meanwhile, the plastic blenders have a pitcher derived from polymers.
  • Transparency: Glass jars, as expected, provide a clearer view of contents than a plastic jar.
  • Price: The glass pitcher goes for a higher price than the polymer kind (Plastic blender).
  • Insulation: Plastics jars have a higher heat resistance than the glass model.
  • Weight: By the natural structure, glass is heavier than polymer plastics

Advantages of Having a Glass Blender

Several benefits come with buying a glass pitcher blender. So, without much ado, some of them are:

  • It has a natural and enduring scratch-resistant surface
  • It doesn’t experience color changes due to high-temperature contents or uses over time
  • A glass blender has no impact on food, be it hot or cold
  • The pitcher offers a much clearer view of its content than any other material kind
  • It is environmentally friendly due to its glass construction which is very easy to recycle
  • A glass blender does not absorb the odor of food. Hence, it doesn’t smell after use, unlike other blenders
  • It has a better appeal when placed in the kitchen

How to Choose the Best Blenders With Glass Jar?

best glass blender

There are several blenders with glass jars on the market. And without a doubt, some of them aren’t worth your sweat. However, how do you know which is good for you? Not to worry! The features below would help you make a better choice.

Motor Performance

If the motor is up to the task, the rest is easy. The power of the motor determines the overall delivery of the equipment.

It follows that the higher the engine capacity, the better the performance and the work it will be able to do. The rating is usually in Watts or horsepower.

Blenders with low motor power may not be able to overcome some resistances when grinding. That said, it may not be able to take care of substances like ice and nuts.

If purees and other light contents are what you’ll be dealing with, then go for the blender with 700 watts or more.

Pitcher Capacity

What quantity do you want to pulverize in a moment? Blenders come in various jar sizes from 3 cups to 9 cups and so on. Note that a cup is an equivalent of 0.2 liters.

You should choose a blender with a pitcher size that will suit your need. There is no hard rule about it. However, if it is much smaller than what you have in mind, then you’ll have to blend small quantities at a time.

A note of caution here is that the bigger the jar capacity, the weightier or bulky the blender will be.

Speed Settings

Speed matters while selecting blenders on the market because it has a bearing on the smoothness of the product. Many appliances have preset speeds that suit different substances. Meanwhile, some have speed settings that have a wide range to give you much flexibility.

Others have three-speed settings – low, medium, and high. Therefore, it is advisable to go for those that do not only have a fixed speed for certain meal choices but also allow you to manually control it.

Ease of Use

What’s the essence of buying a blender that you can’t operate? When going for a blender, pick the one that doesn’t require much effort to run. Too many buttons can make things look complicated.

Besides, the buttons should have a clear annotation of their function to avoid any confusion. While an instruction manual would come with it, you don’t need one which you must have it with you all the time before operating.


The bulkiness of a blender is relative. No doubt, heavy blenders generally tend to be stable whilst working than lighter ones. However, a heavy blender could be burdensome when you need to carry it along with the content.

Therefore, consider one that you can lift conveniently. If it is too heavy, you could risk letting it slip out of your hand.

You should also know that the bigger the pitcher, the heavier the weight would be. So, if you have a challenge lifting something heavy, then go for those with smaller holders.


You don’t want to go back shopping for another blender in a short while. It is essential to buy the ones you can use over and over without developing a fault. Check the material of the housing.

What you are looking for is a material that is poor in condition of heat. That said, the plastic easily comes to mind. However, it has a major setback of melting if the heat is intense. Also, their color gets bleached due to usage over a period of time.

Steel and die-cast irons are impressive. While they are good conductors of heat, they also allow the motor to cool down faster.

Also, if you must a blender that is made of glass, ensure you go for the one that is made of tempered or borosilicate glass. This is because tempered or borosilicate glasses are very strong.


Warranty is another crucial feature you must look out for while stocking for a blender. Although a warranty is not a promise that the appliance is in perfect condition.

It helps to douse the fear of losing your money due to a failed device. Consequently, you know that you are not taking a risk purchasing it. That cools down the nerves!

Cleaning Ease

How you get the blender ready for cleaning should come to mind. Some blenders come with brushes to clean the pitcher and corners.

You should consider the kind of things you hope to use it for. Some blenders with glass vessels have an anti-stick surface. That would be necessary in the case of greasy content.

Meanwhile, others can clean automatically with the push of a button. All you’ll need to do is to pour clean water and some liquid wash and then allow to it spin. Though these could be expensive, the choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

best glass blender for smoothies

Are Glass Blenders Better Than Plastic?

There is no basis for declaring one to be better than the other. Of course, the glass jar holds several advantages over plastic, yet the same holds for the plastic too.

The answer to this question is relative as it depends on individual taste. While the seniors may prefer the plastic blender due to its lightweight, the young may prioritize the physical appeal of glass blenders.

You may want to check up on the advantages of glass blenders in the earlier part of this post. Plastic blenders are generally lighter than the glass types.

The latter is also more affordable. Moreover, you can easily replace them. They also have sizable pitchers than glass blenders.

Are Glass Blenders Dishwashers Safe?

You can wash most of the glass blenders in a dishwasher. That is not to say that there are not others that deny you the privilege.

Make sure you check the user manual to see if it is safe for dishwashing. Otherwise, you may have to use the brush that comes with it or other techniques to clean it.

Are Glass Blenders Noisy?

Blenders are generally noisy as a result of several factors. Among them is that they vibrate against the countertop as they work, producing a great deal of noise.

The noise has nothing to do with it having a glass jar or not. If the glass blender has a soundproof design, it will be quiet.

Meanwhile, you can reduce the blender noise by putting a silicon mat under it to dampen its vibration against the countertop.

Can I Blend Frozen Fruits in a Glass Blender?

You can blend frozen fruit in a glass blender.  Moreover, whether it will grind or not depends on the motor performance and not the jar type. The power rating of the motor has a lot to do with its ability to crush and whisk ice cubes and fruits.

If the fear of breaking the glassware is the concern, then you don’t need to worry. The glass used for the jars are usually stronger than your traditional blender.

Although they can still break on high impact, the force that will be produced while grinding frozen fruits is not strong enough to break the glass jar.

Also, the blade type matters. If the blade is made of inferior material; it could bend or even break. So, a glass jar blender that is made with quality stainless steel blades will devour any frozen fruit you throw at it.


Blenders are indispensable in the modern kitchen. While the glass jar blenders are a great aesthetic addition to your kitchen, you should be careful to prioritize their mechanical ability above their appearance.

At the same time, you should do a thorough comparison especially when it comes to the price. A wise thing to do is go for an alternate product that offers you a similar function at a comparatively lower price.

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