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How long do smoothies last

How Long Do Smoothies Last? (Here’s What To Expect)

The time frame a freshly-made smoothie lasts remains a popular question among smoothie lovers, health enthusiasts, and the fitfam Community. Freshly made smoothies can last up to 4 hours without refrigeration, bottling, or freezing.

Even though smoothies can keep longer than extracted juice, most smoothie enthusiasts would rather blend fresh smoothies every day.

Keep reading to find out how it can last longer in other temperatures and storage methods. If you want you can read our most popular smoothie blender. We hope you’ll like it.

How Long Will Smoothies Last in the Fridge?

A refrigerated smoothie can last from 24 to 48 hours. This time frame does not affect the texture, or taste, but certain factors come into play When considering the ideal time frame smoothies can last in the fridge. Below are a few;

  1. Components

The fruits used in making the smoothie are a determining factor when considering the ideal time smoothies can last in the fridge. For instance, if a smoothie contains a banana, it will change its color within an hour of blending. Although, the change in coloration has no harmful effect as long as it’s taken within 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Containers

A loose container will cause smoothies to go soft(watery) in the fridge. While its taste remains the same,  the texture might not look aesthetic for smoothie lovers who love it fresh-looking.

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How Long Do Smoothies Last Out of Fridge?

How long do smoothies last out of Fridge

Taking a smoothie out of the fridge reduces the time frame it can stay fresh. Smoothies that are out of the fridge can last for 4 hours.

Due to the instant oxidation that happens when a smoothie is out of the refrigerator or open, it can hardly keep for over 4 hours. Whether it’s thawed or simply kept under room temperature, it can barely keep for long.

For smoothie lovers, who always crave fresh smoothies, it is advisable to consume them within 3 to 4 hours. Especially when it is newly taken out of the fridge.

How Long Do Smoothies Last in a Bottle?

Smoothies remain an efficient way to consume fruits and vegetables conveniently. It can also be stored in a bottle, airtight bottles are the best for storing fruits in the fridge or at room temperature.

Smoothies stored in an airtight bottle can last for over 5 days in the fridge. While it’s ok to leave bottled smoothies refrigerated for that long, it is advisable to drink them as soon as one remembers.

It is pertinent to note that bottled smoothies can change their coloration but won’t lose their taste or texture. E.g banana and avocado. As long as it’s airtight, it can keep for long.

What Smoothies Keep Last Longer? Home or Bottled

A home smoothie retains fruit nutrients compared to a bottled one. However, the timeframe of its keep is lesser than the bottled smoothie.

With home smoothies, you get an average of 3 to 4 hours to retain its keep in room temperature. While inside a fridge, it’s 1 to 2days, its nutrients tend to stay fresh upon consumption. But, it wears out the taste and changes color after a while.

Should a regular smoothie consumer opt for it?

Well, it’s dependent on preferences. If you are particular about the freshness of your smoothie before consumption, then a home smoothie is for you.

While home smoothies can be converted to bottled smoothies, the outcome slightly differs. The bottled smoothies last longer than the home smoothies. It lasts from 5 days in the fridge and up to 90 days in the freezer.

Most importantly, a homemade smoothie that is bottled or store-bought must be kept in an airtight container to retain its taste and fresh look. Whether you intend to keep it in the fridge or freezer, remember to make it airtight to avoid air from penetrating.

Should a bottled smoothie consumer opt for it?

Again, it depends, juggling work and living a healthy lifestyle can be time and energy-consuming. A regular smoothie consumer can keep a home-blended bottled smoothie handy.

How Do You Know Your Smoothie Has Gone Bad?

How do you know your smoothie has gone bad

While the change in coloration of some smoothies might not be harmful to humans, it is usually the first sign. Now how do you know it’s bad for you? When it smells and tastes unusual.

Some smoothies might still look fresh and taste bad. Therefore, endeavor to stir a thawed or leftover smoothie before consumption.

Beware of smoothies that consist of banana and apple, as their color change isn’t the only sign, don’t judge by the look. Taste and look out for an unusual texture.

Another way to know your smoothie has gone bad is through the texture. Thick smoothies usually lose their creamy texture when it goes bad. ¬†While it’s normal for a thawed smoothie to lose texture, it’s also a sign that it’s going bad.

What Mistake Should You Avoid?

Blending fruits isn’t the only practice there is to smoothies. Like other chores, there are dos and don’ts with making smoothies.

Mistakes you should avoid are:

  1. Do not microwave smoothies: Frozen smoothies should be thawed naturally to avoid losing the nutrients. Also, microwaving smoothies makes it watery. For thick smoothies: the texture changes and makes it look watery.
  1. Avoid leaving a defrosted smoothie over a long period: Immediate consumption is advised after a smoothie is defrosted.
  1. Don’t leave your smoothie in the fridge for over 2days: Smoothies left in the fridge for over 48hours should be consumed, except it’s stored in an airtight container.
  1. Avoid adding too much water when blending: This is to curb the separation of fruits/water when kept or thawed after frozen.

How to Store Smoothies for Last Longer?

How to store smoothies for the last longer

Smoothies might look like an instant drink that should not be stored for later. But, implementing a few methods can make smoothies last longer. A few ways to make smoothies last longer are:

  • Refrigerating it: A smoothie left on the counter will go bad after a few hours. Refrigerating it makes it last longer. (at least 24 to 36hours).
  • Adding lemon or Lime Juice: The acidic nature of lemon/lime juice helps make your smoothie last longer.
  • Freezing it: Freezing your smoothie affords you more time it would have taken you to blend new batches daily. Frozen smoothies last up to 3 months, blended large quantities can be divided and frozen. To be thawed batch by batch.

Please Note, use an airtight container when freezing or refrigerating your smoothie.


The time frame to keep a smoothie is dependent on your storage method. Taking cognizance of the aforementioned method of storage leaves us with the following analysis: the minimum smoothie can last is 4hours(on the counter, at room temperature). While the maximum is 90 days(in a freezer using an airtight container).

On a final note though, smoothies can be stored using different methods and still taste fresh. Before drinking it, take a careful look at it, If it tastes or looks funny, avoid drinking it.

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