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How To Clean A Blender

How To Clean A Blender? Best Cleaning Hacks For 2021

The best and trusty blender can transform any recipe magically into a delicious and smooth texture. Besides the smooth result, you may be left with a mess. Have you avoided making delicious strawberry milkshakes and smoothie because, after preparation, you will need to clean the messy blender?

Someone often avoids it. It is so because cleaning the blender is not so easy. The appliance comes with sharp blades and many other features. The food is sometimes stuck with sharp blades and is difficult to remove. In this article, we will discuss how to clean a blender.

How To Remove Blender Blades?

The blades are located at the bottom side of the blender. It is the region where speed controls are situated. If you want to remove the blender base, then first take a blender jar off and then unplug it from the watt outlet.

Turn the blender down to locate the exact position of screws that can hold the whole housing. After it, disassemble the blender to gain access to the blender’s blade. Working on any smooth surface and loosen the screws. You may require pliers that help to hold the whole assembly while removing the screw. Carefully work on so that motor does not damage at all.

How To Clean a Blender Base?

If you want to wash the blender base, then it is a very easy process. Simply wipe the jar, blade, and gasket seal with hot water and soap. Let all of them in air dry before putting all parts together. When you have an electric blender base, then precautionary measures should be taken. Simply unplug the blender and wipe down the blender base with any damp towel.

How To Clean The Blender Motor?

If you want to wash the blender motor, turn off the electric power first. Wipe the base of the blender by wiping the blender base as well as a touch screen with the help of a damp cloth. If required, you can use a cotton swab and toothpick to wipe the drive socket. Never use any stiff or abrasives brushes to clean the base of the blender.

How To Clean The Blender Bottom?

There are three unique ways to rinse the blender. Most of the blenders have blades that can easily be take off and unscrew. Turn blender over and look beneath. Remove the blades and get a sponge to remove debris.

One of the best methods to clean the bottom surface is to simply soak it in soap and warm water. Soak it for a long time for removing leftover ingredients and get an easy to remove option. Stick the blender jar on the base and let it for about ½ minute.

If you want to wash the blender bottom, then you use a pressurized hose that is attached to the sink. It can knock up all of the food presents beneath the blades so that it can easily wash.

How To Clean a Blender Rubber Ring?

If you want to clean the blender rubber ring, then you first need to wash these components with mild detergent and warm water. The simple scrubbing rubber ring with dish soap and sponge is enough for cleaning the gasket. The rubber ring somehow requires a narrow brush for cleaning the inner surface of the ring. If needed, you may leave the ring while soaked in warm and soapy water for about 10 minutes. It will help loosen up stubborn stains and grime.

How To Clean a Blender With Vinegar?

If you want to clean a dirty blender with vinegar and dish soap, then pour one cup of vinegar into a carafe. Add some drops of dish detergent and baking soda. Mix the mixture and soak the blender into the mixture for some hours. If blender having smell then again soaked it in dish soap and warm water.

How To Clean a Hand Blender?

It is very important to wash the blades of the blender instantly after using it. The blades of the hand blender prevent the food items from drying inside the blenders. Blender bands can easily be washed by using warm water and soapy detergent. Pour dishwashing liquid inside the blender and then pour some warm water on it.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of a Blender?

If you want to clean the inside surface of the blender, then you need to first fill the dirty blender with some warm water. Add some drops of dish soap. Now fasten the upper lid of the blender and turn the blender on for some minutes. The soap warm water swishing all around the blender help in removing remnants of Pina colada. After some time, remove the hot water from the blender. It gives you a quick and easy rinse as well as a clean blender.

Can You Wash a Blender In The Dishwasher?

It depends on the quality of the blender. If all parts of the blenders are perfect and dishwasher safe, then you can clean them in the dishwasher. But never immerse the motor base of the blender into the water or any other liquid. Wipe the parts with a damp cloth and sponge.

What Is The Easiest Blender To Clean?

Some of the best and easiest blender to clean:

  • Oster Versa Performance Blender
  • KitchenAid 5-Speed blender
  • Nutribullet RX N17-1001
  • Vitamix professional series 200 blender
  • Ninja Chef Countertop blender

How Do You Clean And Care For a Blender?

If you are still wondering how to clean a blender, then we suggest using this technique. Ass 240 ml of warm water and some drops of dish soap in the blender jar. Now place a lid on the jar tightly. Press the “Pulse” button for about 5 seconds. If the blender features a clean cycle, press this button for perfectly clean and care of your blender.


Everything inside the blender can easily be blended into fine texture but to clean the blender is one of the challenging tasks. If you wish to clean your smoothie mixer in only 30 seconds, then try the above activities and turn your blender on.

After the magic, you will get a clean and germ-free blender. All of these instructions not only keep the blender in a new look but also clean residue inside the blender in few seconds. Do we hope now you know how to clean a blender? Gives us your experience if you used any of the above-mentioned techniques.

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