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how to reheat pizza in air fryer

How to Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer? (Complete Guide)

In the past, the only way to reheat pizza was either by an oven or a microwave. However, people started realizing that using either one of these is a terrible idea. The end result would always be a soggy pizza that can easily burn your mouth.

Using an oven is slightly better than using a microwave, but most likely, your pizza would come out extra dry. Reheating pizza using an air fryer is the only option that delivers the best results.

Is It Possible to Reheat a Pizza in the Air Fryer?

Of course, it is possible. Otherwise, you would have wasted the pizza altogether. Many people throw away leftover pizza with the notion that an overnight pizza equals waste. But you only need to reheat it the right way, and it will be as good as new.

Consuming a reheated overnight pizza is quite okay. At least it is the noble thing to do, instead of wasting the whole thing!

But first, you have to make sure that the pizza is still edible. We know this sounds confusing, but not every leftover pizza is edible. If you find a pizza piece in the house for a few days, it does not qualify as an edible pizza. Eating it might be hazardous!

Why Do People Love Reheating Pizza?

Why do people love reheating pizza
If you are a pizza lover, you will honestly love a properly reheated pizza, especially if you use an air fryer. For the best results, you need first to access how big the pizza is. How big and thick are the slices? How many of them can fit in the air fryer?

Answers to these questions will help you determine how long your pizza will be in the air fryer. You want an evenly reheated pizza, so you have to make sure the pizza is flat in the air fryer without overlapping.

The air fryer’s rapid air needs to flow without interruptions, so be keen on this step.

For the best results, let the pizza reheat slowly. You need the pizza to be reheated all through, not just burning the surface, which could happen if you reheat it quickly. You will love the results if you exercise patience. The wait will be worth it.

You will love reheating pizza in an air fryer because:

  • The end result is an evenly heated pizza
  • The pizza will not be soggy
  • It will retain the fresh pizza flavors
  • If you reheat it slowly, the pizza will not burn

How to Reheat a Pizza in the Air Fryer?

For the best results, follow the following steps.

  • Preheat your air fryer up to 320F
  • Arrange the slices in the basket – Make sure they don’t overlap
  • Cook the pizza for 4 minutes max, while checking to see if it is cooked all through
  • If not cooked at the end of 4 minutes, keep checking it after every 30 seconds

Important Tip: If you notice the pizza crust burning, cook slower. You can reduce the heat and cook it for longer.

How Long Does It Take to Reheat the Pizza for a Crispy Result?

For crispy results, cook the pizza for 5 minutes max. If the pizza has a thin crust, it would be best to start the air fryer at 325 degrees. Thin-crusted pizzas cook through pretty fast.

Remember not to cook the pizza too fast because this will result in an extra crispy pizza — we mean crispy in a not very good way. It will have a burnt taste. If you notice the crust turning brown, reduce the heat down to 25 or 30 degrees. This will give the pizza more cooking time.

Is It Possible to Reheat Frozen Pizza in the Air Fryer?

Is it possible to reheat frozen pizza in the air fryer
Yes, it is possible. Not any different from reheating a room-temperature pizza. Just make sure you place 1 or 2 pieces in the air fryer at a time to make sure that every piece reheats all though.

Cook the slices for 4 minutes max, and keep checking to see if they are evenly cooked. If not properly cooked, place it back in the basket for 2 more minutes and repeat the process until the pizza is evenly reheated.

Remember that frozen pieces can reheat at different speeds, depending on individual thickness. Therefore, keep checking on each piece until you get the desired results.

Do I Need Any Extra Oil or Tools to Reheat My Pizza?

Not necessarily. The oil used to cook the pizza originally will be enough. However, if you want your pizza to be extra crunchy, you can spray the surface with a little cooking oil.

You will only need some mittens to pull the basket out of the air fryer for the extra tools. You might also need a spatula for checking the reheating progress.

Will the Air Fryer Spoil My Pizza Taste?

No. The end result should be a pizza with all the original flavors of a fresh pizza. Unlike an oven, you can open an air fryer often while cooking. Checking on your food regularly will not result in heat loss, as long as you put back the food immediately.

The idea here is to get a crispy, cheesy pizza that is as fresh as it was from the start.  You can also use this reheating method on homemade or takeout pizza. You have to use a lower temperature for thin crust pizza!

It is that simple! You will have a pizza that looks and tastes so much better than if you would have used a microwave or an oven. You can now easily enjoy your overnight pizza!


Hopefully, now you have the correct information to help you reheat pizza confidently in an air fryer. If this is an all-new idea to you, trust me, you will love the results. I hope I have given you the correct answers on how to reheat pizza in an air fryer!

The best thing about using an air fryer is that it works as well as a deep fryer. Your pizza will get just the right amount of crispiness without becoming too dry. If you want a fresh-tasting, crispy pizza, try reheating it using an air fryer. This method applies to any air fryer.

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