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how to sharpen kitchen knives

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives – 3 Effective Methods

Many home cooks and beginners don’t know how to sharpen kitchen knives? And most of the time they spend a lot of money on expensive knife sets and different chef knives for a new start.

Even sometimes they go to the sharpening company for sharpening their kitchen knives. It is another costly way to sharpen your chef or kitchen knives. Because they will take a high amount to sharpen each knife. It is really very disappointing because it will be running season after season.

And continuously you have to spend money to sharpen your kitchen knives. But how is it if you sharpen your knife by yourself? Don’t be afraid, maybe you’re thinking it will be a very hardworking and professional task. But actually, it is not. Because there is some effective and easy way to sharpen your knife without spending much time and money.

What Kind of Kitchen Knife Do You Have for Sharpening?

But first of all, you’ve to know what kind of kitchen knives you have and want to sharpen? Because in a home or restaurant there is a lot of different knives that every chef uses. For your better understanding, We have explained some different knives that you can use for your everyday cooking.

Chef knife

Maybe already you know about a chef knife. Because of its name saying at all. But every professional and serious cooks want to use the chef knife. Because it’s especially for professionals and it has a better edge to cut any meat or other foods.

Especially a chef knife has 6-inch to 8-inch blade which is made from stainless steel or carbon. That’s why it’s completely corrosion and rust-resistant. But the problem is after a lot of uses it can damage the edge, and need sharpening. But actually only a few times it can damage if you don’t care about it.

Boning knife

There are many people already familiar with the boning knife. Because it has a very super sharp edge, but is not very flexible like a fillet knife. But the boning and fillet knife is very similar.

And there are available many boning knives that you can use as a perfect fillet knife for filleting fish. But specially boning knife used for meat, chicken, beef, pork, and for slicing cooked BBQ. It is really one of the best knives for everyday cooking.


It is a long and super sharp knife for cutting meat. And only a few cooks and professionals are familiar with it. Because it is specially used for chopping big size of meat or for broken bones. It has a 6-inch to 14-inch blade that is very heavy and very thick than other cooking knives.

But it is very helpful for a big party or weekend for chopping a lot of meats. Because with a butcher knife you can slice any big size meat for cooking.

Santoku Knife

Maybe you already know what is a santoku knife? If you regularly slice a lot of vegetables for your cooking. So, maybe it is familiar to you. Because Japanese Santoku knives are one of the best knives for cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing, or dicing. Even it is very popular only for its blade dimple that others knives don’t have.

Utility Knife

Maybe it is not a very long knife to handle vegetables or meat. But anyone can handle it fast and easily. It has a 4 to 7-inches blade that you can use for mini cooking. That can handle small vegetables, small meat cutting, or fruits.

Vegetable/meat cleaver

It is different than other regular cooking knives. Because a meat cleaver or Chinese cleaver has a very heavy and wide blade especially for cutting meat. And with a vegetable cleaver, you can easily slice vegetables and other big fruits. But of course, you have to handle it very carefully.

Paring Knife

It is a very small size knife only with a 3 or 4-inch blade which is perfect for peeling and small fruits. Maybe it is a very small size, it is very durable and easy to use.

Fillet Knife:

A fishing fillet knife is a big part of any kitchen. Because this knife specially made only for cleaning fish. It is very flexible with 6-inch to 8-inch blade.

Surprisingly you can use some special fillet knife in saltwater without any rusting issues. So it can be a perfect choice if you love fishing that you can carry with you.

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives – Top 3 Effective Methods

how to sharpen kitchen knives with a stone
Already you know many different kinds of kitchen knives. But the problem is how you can sharpen them very easily? If you look at some sharpening techniques, you’ll see there are many ways available for sharpening all kinds of kitchen knives. But what actually these are?? Let’s see and understand how to use them to sharpen kitchen knives?

Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Probably it is one of the most popular and easiest ways to sharpen kitchen knives, hunting knives, chef knives, camping knives, and many other knives. If you’re are home cooks so of course, you should use an electric knife sharpener. Because there is nothing worried about any injurries. It has 2 and 4 wheels that rotated very quickly, and it has different stages.

Especially the first stage to remove the blade dull edge and the second and final stage for polishing and finishing. You just need to pull your knife slightly on the wheel for 4 to 5 times, and never give big pressure. And surprisingly it has a sharpening angle that will give you the right instruction. So no need for any manual sharpening angle.

Use a Sharpening Stone

Many home cooks are not interested in using a sharpening stone. Because they think it is really very difficult to use. But actually, it’s not. There are many knife sharpening stones are available in the market. And they are available in different sizes and grits. So if you choose a sharpening stone that has more than 1000 grit so definitely you can use it very easily for your all kitchen knives.

Before sharpening your knife just soak the stone in the water for 15 to 30 minutes. And then put it on a better surface. And slowly slide your knife using 22 degrees first and then 30 degrees. Finally, move very quickly but never do it more than 10 to 15 times.

And for your safety you should use hand gloves that will protect your finger from any injuries. It is really a very effective method that can handle all small and large knife includes a butcher knife, cleaver, Santoku, and other kitchen knives.

Use a Sharpening Steel

Maybe it is a professional knife sharpening method. But many home cooks don’t know how to use a knife sharpening steel? Actually, it is a special diamond-coated rod and sometimes you can get sharpening steel. However, you should use a diamond rod because it is far better than other steel. When you are ready for sharpening your knife, then simply stand the rod on a table.

And hold the rod by your left hand and use your right hand to slive your knife over the rod. And before sharpening you should understand the sharpening angle. Because there is no automatic angle that will guide you like an electric sharpener. But professional says approximately 20 degrees angles are very important when you use a sharpening rod for your knife?


The knife is very important tool to a professional chef or home cook. But without proper edge its looks like a gun without bullets. So, of course, every time you should look it’s sharpening. Because when you have a perfect razor-sharp knife you’ll feel like a real chef for cooking your family or friends.

And when you know the right sharpening technique so it doesn’t matter how many cooking knives you have? Because of your all kitchen knife you can handle very easily to sharpen. You can use a whetstone or electric sharpener. But the electric sharpener will save a lot of time than other sharpeners. I hope next time you can sharpen your all kitchen knife without any professional.

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