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Magic Bullet Vs Nutribullet

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet – Which Blender Is Best?

Are you looking for a bullet blender for your small kitchen? If so, then which is your favorite pick between Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet? It’s definitely a tough call, isn’t it?

Most of the users have a fondness for bullet blenders as they consume small space in the kitchen. They are also fast and come with a variety of options that you will make your cooking job easier. So let’s see which one can fulfill your regular blending jobs.

Magic Bullet Blender Overview

If you are looking for a one-stop solution to all preparatory work for cooking, then Magic bullet is the one for you. It’s an 11-piece blender set that can make more than just smoothies. It’s one of the popular and best-selling bullet blenders from Magic Bullet.

To begin with, the famous Magic Bullet Blender is one solution for chopping, mixing, blending, whipping, grinding, and so on. From juices to smoothies, sauces to dips, this blender is your best kitchen assistant of all time.

In short, you can do almost everything with this blending easily in no time. Also, you are getting a whole new recipe book for making lots of delicious dishes quickly and easily.

The Magic bullet blender is not just a personal blender but an easy cooking guide for amateur cooks as well. As you purchase this blender, you will get a 10-sec recipe book to try and taste when you are in a rush. Below you will find the details of the amazing features of this blender.


When it comes to purchasing the Magic Bullet blender, there is less chance to get confused. Why? Because this outstanding blender comes with one design, size, and functionality that helps the users to get the exact one they are looking for.

Also, this small and convenient blender comes with a simple design. The combination of silver and black base with a transparent pitcher gives it an elegant look that will complement any kitchen interior. Moreover, the size of the blender is super handy. It weighs only 4.11 pounds which assures the lightweight as well.

It means you can quickly and easily utilize this blender whenever you want. Additionally, you will get diverse cups and lids options so that you can also use the pitcher as takeaway cups when you are on the go. Therefore, the complete 10 pieces set brings versatility in terms of the mechanism as well as the design is convenient to use.


As the blender size is small and convenient, it doesn’t come with a super powerful motor like the professional blenders. Having said that, the 250-watt motor with one speed and 20,000 RPM is strong enough and quick to blend. With its motor, you can comfortably do the chopping, blending, and grinding work and also more jobs like whipping and mixing.

With this motor power, you can make juices and smoothies with soft ingredients like apples, oranges, leafy vegetables, protein shakes, and so on. All you need to do is pour the ingredients inside the jar and the blender will get the job done within a few seconds. This is why this blender is called the bullet blender.

Blade Design and Materials

The Magic Bullet Blender comes with a single blade. This one blade has a unique shape to do multiple types of jobs like chopping, grinding, mixing, and so on.

The purpose of this blade is to crush the ingredients smoothly keeping the nutrients intact. To do the job, this simple single blade is made of steel so that it stays sharp and durable for a long time.

Pitcher Materials

As this blender is designed to do multiple types of blending jobs, the material must be durable and food safe. Hence, the pitchers are made of high-impact plastic. However, the pitcher is not recommended to use for frozen or hot elements.

Blending Capacity

The pitchers of this blender come in several sizes. The capacity of the blender is 12oz cup and 18oz cup. The capacity is enough for one person.

Multiple Cups

One of the significant features of this magic blender is it comes in several sizes of cups. The pitchers also come with a releasable and sippable lid so that you can also use them as a takeaway jar. Though the lids are made of plastic, they are quite user-friendly.

You can directly drink the freshly made smoothie from the pitcher right after blending is done just attaching the lid on top. The travel lid and other small components everything make it a great portable blender.

Button and Blending Program

Here is the fun part! The magic bullet blender does not have any buttons. The mechanism of this blender is to put the pitcher in the base and twist it. When it’s done, twist it back and your smoothie is ready. The bullet shape and cyclonic cutting zone make the job quick and easy.

Ease of Operate

The blender is very easy to use and anyone can operate it. The twisting operation technology makes the job faster and easier than any countertop blender.

As you place the pitcher into the base and twist, it will start blending with the cyclonic move. This is the formula for blending the ingredients in a few seconds.


From base to pitcher, all parts of the blender are made with durable material. The high torque motor base, high impact plastic pitcher, and steel blade are the materials that ensure durability as a personal blender.

Free Accessories 

As you purchase the Magic Bullet Blender, you will get a free 10-second recipe book. You will get two different sizes of cups and a tall party mug.

Also, you can use the cup as a portable mug by just attaching the lids. You will get two releasable and one flip-top lid. Surprisingly, you will get two lip rings as a gift. Overall, it’s a compact package that includes everything you need.


The blender is extremely lightweight and you can use it for indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, the pitchers are also convenient and come with a colorful lid so that you can use them as your on-the-go drink.

Cleaning Ease

The upper part of the blender is dishwasher safe. When you are done you can throw them into the dishwasher without any worries. Also, the base is made of plastic and smooth texture. You can wipe it with a damp cloth after use.


Considering the features and user-friendliness, the price is extremely reasonable. If you want to have a personal blender for under $50, then this can be an option for you. You can read more about $50 blender reviews.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Available in one style and size
  • Suitable for green and fruit smoothies
  • Accessories and parts are easily available
  • Recommended for juices, sauces, dip, and salsa


  • Grinding and mincing texture is not uniform
  • Not recommended for hard or ice ingredients

The Final Decision on the Magic Bullet Blender

However, this blender is not suitable for hard ingredients. Also, if your ingredients are too watery, then it will be difficult to blend the ingredients smoothly.

And, when it comes to chopping and mixing, it may not give you even pieces but they will be suitable for making salsa or salad.

Overall, the Magic Bullet Blender is a multipurpose blender you can use for chopping, grinding, mincing, and so on that comes at an attractive price.

If you are looking for a personal blender for occasional use, then this can be a budget-friendly one for your kitchen.

Also, if you have never used a blender before and practiced your cooking skills, you can begin your food preparation work with this Magic Bullet blender.

NutriBullet Pro Blender Overview

Here is another outstanding quality bullet blender that is highly recommended by users. It’s a 13-piece blender that comes with high-speed technology.

If you are looking for a bullet blender with a powerful motor, then you can check out this professional quality bullet blender from NutriBullet.

Unlike most bullet blenders, it can easily crush ice and frozen ingredients. This is one of the prior reasons for its popularity. Within a few seconds, you can make crushers, shakes, smoothies, and a lot more drinks. Not only that, but you can also use this blender for grinding nuts, and grains smoothly.

To do the job, the package also comes with a larger cup so that you can do a large number of grinding jobs at a time. The blender is also easy to use. More importantly, it does not limit you when it comes to blending soft and hard ingredients.

You can comfortably use this blender for smoothies, green juices, protein shakes, and other mincing and grinding jobs.

To know more about the Nutribullet blender, you need to know the necessary details. Below I am discussing the specifications along with their strengths and drawbacks to analyze the quality of the blender.


Just as the name suggests, the blender is designed in the shape of a bullet. The motor base and the pitcher both are in the same shape which gives it a modern look. Also, the blender comes in a diverse colors for you to choose from.

The size and design of the blender are exquisite that they will match with any kitchen interior. You can pick the color that fits in your kitchen. No matter whether your kitchen is small or large, you can set the blender in a convenient space.

Also, the blender is designed to accelerate your active lifestyle. The high-speed motor, large capacity, and blending mechanism will help you to do the food preparation job easily and quickly. This innovative design of this blender is not just in terms of appearance but also present when it comes to performance.


The blender comes with a 900-watt powerful motor. The motor is strong enough to blend hard and soft ingredients like strawberries, nuts, grains, and stringy vegetables smoothly. Though this blender does not promise to blend under 60 seconds, the fine blended texture of any ingredients will bring perfection to your food.

The motor can also crush frozen ingredients and ice without damaging the blade. This is another attractive feature that distinguishes Nutribullet from any other bullet blender.

Blade Design and Materials

The blender comes with stainless steel nutrient extraction blades. The blade is sharp and durable. Therefore, the combination of the motor and blade along with the cyclonic action can transform hard ingredients into shakes, butter, and smoothies. If you want to invest in a single-serve blender that will serve you for a long time, then you can be confident about its blade quality.

Pitcher Materials

Since the blender can crush hard and cold ingredients, the pitcher material must be strong and resistant to temperature. Also, it must be food-safe as well.

Hence, for the safety of your health and the longevity of the blender, the pitcher is made of high-performance, BPA-free plastic. So, you can be certain about its strength and durability while you are crushing and blending multiple types of ingredients here.

Blending Capacity

The pitcher of this blender cups with a large cup. Compared to other small blenders, the cup comes with high capacity.

You can comfortably blend a large number of elements in the 32 oz cups. Even though it may not be enough for party preparation, the quantity is enough for a person or two.

Multiple Cups

The blender comes with two cups only. And, they are of the same size which is 32 oz. The size of the cup is convenient to handle. You can also use them as portable cups as well as it comes with releasable lids.

Button and Blending Program

For making your active lifestyle fast and hassle-free, the blender does not have any buttons. You can operate this by simply attaching the pitcher to the base and twisting.

Ease of Operate

The blender is not only easy to operate but also makes your food preparation faster. When you are in a hurry, you can simply put the ingredients into the pitcher, put it in the base, and twist. This operating technique is very easy for anyone to use.


From pitcher to motor base, the blender is made of durable and strong material. Also, the stainless steel extraction blade is for blending hard ingredients and for longer use. Also, the pitcher of the blender is resistant to temperature as you can blend iced ingredients.

Free Accessories

As you purchase the blender, you will get two cups of 32 oz. Also, to carry the cups outside, you will get two flip-top lids and two normal lids. Additionally, as a gift, you will get four lip rings and a hardcover recipe book.


The blender is lightweight so you can easily carry it for indoor and outdoor events. Also, you can use the blender pitcher when you are on the go.

All you need to do is add the travel lid. It also comes with a sipper. When you are at home, you can also drink from the pitcher attaching the round lids as well.

Cleaning Ease

This Nutribullet Pro blender is not only easy to use but also easy to clean. You can clean the parts with soap and water. But, remember to remove the blades and clean them separately when you are cleaning them in the dishwasher.


The blender also comes at a budget-friendly price. If you want to invest in a reliable personal blender that can serve you for years then you should consider purchasing this Nutribullet pro.

This blender can be a bit pricey compared to the Magic bullet blender. However, it gives you more options to blend including stringy vegetables and iced elements.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Sleek design and variant color
  • Suitable for soft and hard ingredients
  • The package includes a hardcover recipe and accessories


  • Little bit expensive

The Final Decision on Nutribullet Blender

Considering the features, quality, performance, and price, the Nutribullet Pro blender is a pretty good deal. From shakes to smoothies, grinding to mincing any hard and soft ingredients, this blender will not disappoint you.
This blender not only comes with a powerful motor but also innovative features that will help you prepare drinks, grinding, mincing, and so on.

Additionally, the blender is also made with high-quality material. The pitchers and the lids are also made with quality material that you can casually use.

Though the blender is very noisy and pricey, it can smoothly crush iced elements, nuts, grains, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Hence, considering the advantage and performance, the price and noise can be overlooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

magic bullet vs nutribullet blender reviews

Magic Bullet vs. Nutribullet – Which Blender Performs Best?

It’s difficult to name just one blender as the best. Considering the features, performance, and price, both the Magic Bullet Blender and Nutribullet Pro perform well per the motor capacity.

Since Nutribullet Pro comes with a 900-watt motor, it performs better when it comes to blending soft and hard ingredients. On the other hand, the Magic bullet performs faster when it comes to preparing smoothies and drinks with soft ingredients.

Is Magic Bullet Good for Smoothies?

Certainly, the Magic Bullet blender is good for smoothies. This blender may not be suitable for hard or iced ingredients. But, you can smoothly blend apple, banana, strawberries, and leafy vegetables within a few seconds.

Which Personal Blender Is Best for Me Between Magicbullet vs Nutribullet?

It’s a personal choice as the decision depends on personal requirements. If you want to invest in a blender that will service you for a long time and perform well in hard and soft ingredients regardless of the price, then the Nutribullet Pro can be an ideal choice.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quick and fast blender at a budget-friendly price, then the Magic Bullet blender can be your kitchen assistant. It’s quite useful for preparing breakfast, smoothies, drinks, salads, and so on.


As you read through the comparison, you know that Magic Bullet is an ideal blender for blending soft elements. You may find other blenders for making smoothies but the Magic blender does the job perfectly well. Though it may have mixed reviews when it comes to grinding and mincing texture, it is because the blender comes with only one model.

This Magic Bullet blender is a good deal because the price is very affordable for all levels of users. But, if you are looking for an advanced quality blender with a powerful motor, then Nutribullet can be an outstanding option. It also comes with additional accessories for portable use, recipes, and so on.

Comparing the Magicbullet and Nutribullet Pro blender, Nutribullet Pro is a better option with advanced performing features. Though the design, features, and accessories are almost similar, Nutribullet Pro is a better choice with a higher price range.

If you are intending to invest in a blender for years, then Nutribullet will be an ideal choice for you. I hope this magic bullet vs Nutribullet blender review helped you a lot to select the best one.

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